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South African Domestic Airlines Bookings

The domestic airlines market in South African has historically not been kind to newcomers, with the likes of Nationwide Airlines, Sun Air, Velvet Sky and 1 Time all going under due to anti-competitive behaviour by South African Airways, in particular, whilst trying to offer the cheapest domestic flights South Africa. Below follows a quick overview of your key air travel options in the South African domestic flights market:

South African Airways Flights

Fly SAA for the greatest range of domestic destinations and highest frequency of scheduled flights. As South Africa and Africa's top airline, South African Airways facilitates business and trade across the continent and internationally. As a fully state owned entity, the airline has enjoyed significant financial support and market protection from the SA government, making it very difficult for new low cost airlines to enter the marketplace. Compare and book your SAA flights online now, or find out more about the other cheap SA Airlines below. Alternatively, you can also visit the official FlySAA website at

Mango Flights

As the low cost subsidiary to SAA, Mango Airlines has been able to offer South African air travellers consistently cheap airfares since 2006. It has also been instrumental in preventing players like 1Time Airline and Velvet Sky from gaining significant traction or maintaining profitability over time. If you're looking for the cheapest flights in SA, use the above flight search engine and check out the Mango flights' prices, in particular..

Kulula Flights

Another low cost carrier to consider for cheap SA flights is, a subsidiary of British Airways South Africa. Kulula Airlines is the only low cost airline to have survived the domestic market price wars, offering South Africans a welcome alternative to the two state owned airlines.

Fastjet Flights

While South African air travellers had high hopes for East African Fastjet Airlines to enter the core domestic flights market, complications around ownership and licensing has seen the airline focus more on its East African operations for the time being. While Fastjet does fly to Johannesburg, they're currently not running any other significant domestic services within SA.

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International Airlines

Check out our International Airlines page to learn more about the leading global airways flying to South Africa, or view some of the top airlines flying to SA below:

British Airways: British Airways is a leading international airline flying to over 170 destinations worldwide. Their goal, as per the airline's slogan, is: To Fly. To Serve. With annual revenues in excess of GBP 10 million, this is a winning recipe. Find out more about British Airways here.

Qatar Airways: Meet Qatar's internationally celebrated 5-star, flag carrier airline. Learn more here.

Air Namibia: Why choose Air Namibia? Find out more about this African airline and the Air Namibia flight experience here.

Turkish Airlines: As Europe's top airline and sponsor of several high-profile sports events, Turkish Airlines has a lot to offer. Find out why more air travellers are choosing to fly with this truly global airline here.

Fly Emirates: Find out more about Dubai based Emirates, the leading Middle Eastern airline operating scheduled international flights to and from South Africa, by visiting our Emirates page.

Malaysia Airlines: Malaysia ceased operating their flights to South Africa some years ago, and were associated with their direct flights from Cape Town to Buenos Aires, in particular. Find out more about Malaysia Airlines here.

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Latest SAA Review:

  • 2018-11-11 Rating 5 /5 : "on time and food and service great"

South African Airways Reviews

  • Rating 4 /5 : "Great and welcoming mostly comfortable, well trained staff when it comes to interaction with customers."

  • Rating 5 /5 : "I felt at home, everything was running smooth"

  • Rating 4 /5 : "Good"

  • Rating 4 /5 : "The service is so excellent&the prices are so reasonable"

  • Rating 5 /5 : "It was my first flight ever in my life using it and its got friendly staff ,comfortable."

  • Rating 5 /5 : "Always very helpful "

  • Rating 4 /5 : "it was my first expierence and it felt fantastic, the service was great it was comfortable and i felt very safe"

  • Rating 5 /5 : "It's fine bit they can change their food and make it at least warm."

  • Rating 5 /5 : "The service was great.and i had superb journey to my destination"

  • Rating 5 /5 : "it was an amazing smooth journey, the crew was friendly friendly"

  • Rating 5 /5 : "Only airline with free service on board"

  • Rating 3 /5 : "Basic compared to the likes of Turkish, Qantas, Singapore"

  • Rating 5 /5 : "Perfect from start to finish"

  • Rating 5 /5 : "ooooh what an experience i like the fact that they offer us food and the air hostess are very nice always put a smile when the talk to you "

  • Rating 5 /5 : "Very professional, friendly and helpful"

  • Rating 5 /5 : "Very comfortable,welcoming staff nd the food is good."

  • Rating 3 /5 : "late take off and arrival , over booked. uncomfortable"

  • Rating 5 /5 : "They were very good "

  • Rating 5 /5 : "Punctual flights.. Friendly helpful and courteous flight attendants.. Will definitely rwcommend SAA"

  • Rating 4 /5 : "The service was pleasant. The flight departed on time and the flight attendants were friendly"

  • Rating 5 /5 : "I always enjoy travelling on SAA, and the staff is always helpful and professional "

  • Rating 5 /5 : "Polite helpful crew. Made me feel comfortable"

  • 2018-11-5 Rating 5 /5 : "The set up well organised and the staff well trained keep it up."

  • 2018-12-5 Rating 1 /5 : "We had a truly horrible experience with SAA on our recent visit to South Africa from Germany."

  • 2018-11-9 Rating 5 /5 : "The flight was great. I have travelled with South African Airways on many occasions and cannot fault them. Great job"

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