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Mango Airlines is one of South Africa's youngest low cost domestic carriers. Launched in 2006, it is a government owned airline and subsidiary of SAA (South African Airways).

Its catchy marketing and cheap ticket prices has made quite a positive impact the South African airline sector, and it has since become a household name associated with cheap flights in South Africa.

Mango Airlines' head office is at OR Tambo International Airport in Kempton Park, Gauteng, on the mezzanine level of the Domestic Departure Terminal.

Mango's domestic flight routes

Mango operates on the following South African flight routes:
  • Cheap flights from Johannesburg to Cape Town
  • Cheap flights from Cape Town to Johannesburg
  • Cheap flights from Johannesburg to Durban
  • Cheap flights from Durban to Johannesburg
  • Cheap flights from Cape Town to Durban
  • Cheap flights from Durban to Cape Town
  • Learn more about the Mango flight experience here, or visit for more detailed information on Mango's flight itineraries.

    The Mango Airlines Fleet

    The super safe Boeing B737-800 carries Mango customers on all their South African routes. The aircraft is the choice of most low cost carriers, and carries up t0 186 passengers in comfort.

    The Mango Airline Flight Experience

    Mango offers passengers the following in-flight features and benefits:
  • Leather seats for an extra comfortable flight experience.
  • 3 adjancent seats on either side of a middle aisle
  • The G-Connect in-flight Internet access service to ensure passengers don't lose precious business time.
  • No seating weight restriction
  • Great deals on domestic flights and car hire
  • Regular cheap flight specials such as their Happy Days flight promotions.
  • Pre-booked seating; seats can be pre-booked online or upon check-in at the airport.
  • A standard booking does not include food or drinks, which helps keep ticket prices as low as possible
  • Refreshments are for sale on board.
  • In-flight entertainment includes the Mango Juice Magazine and Mango TV.
  • Although Mango Airlines has been the only SA airline to offer WiFi aboard their flights, poor levels of service has led to them being called on to stop advertising in-flight wifi by the Advertising Standards Authority of SA.

    Mango Flight Bookings

    Book your Mango Flights direct at or, or simply use the above form to search compare and save with SA's cheapest flights!

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    Most recently, the airline has run into wage disputes with its pilots. which will likely affect standard flight operations in the first quarter of 2014 All rights reserved.

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