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Why Fly British Airways?

From seamless online booking and check-in processes to incredible service for passengers, there are plenty of reasons to choose British Airways for flights in South Africa and beyond. With glowing customer reviews about service excellence, you can’t go wrong choosing BA.

You have the option of domestic routes from most major cities as well as international flights.

british airways innovation

Recently adding the Airbus A350-1000 to their fleet, BA has ensured commitment to the environment and your comfort

british airways comfort

Comfort aboard British Airways flights is a priority whether you’re flying economy class or business class

british airways service

British Airways’ service is of the highest standard from highly trained crew to speedy booking options

About British Airways South Africa

British Airways (operated by Comair) is offering scheduled flights in South and Southern Africa. As the flag carrier airline in the United Kingdom, BA is renowned for its superior reliability and comfortable in-flight experience. British Airways is also one of the founding members of the Oneworld airline alliance, the third largest such alliance after Star Alliance and SkyTeam.

British Airways is headquartered at Heathrow airport in London, whereas the Comair-operated South African branch operates out of Johannesburg International Airport.

British Airways Comair

Comair Limited is a British Airways and Kulula franchise partner airline that operates domestic flights in South Africa as well as flights to sub-Saharan Africa. The domestic route network covers flights from South African hubs including Port Elizabeth, East London, Durban, Cape Town International, Johannesburg, and George.

The sub-Saharan route of Comair includes Windhoek and Mauritius as well as three airports in Zimbabwe (Livingston, Harare, Victoria Falls)

British Airways South Africa Prices and Times

Departure Airport Destination Airport Airline Price
Durban Johannesburg (OR Tambo) British Airways South Africa R779.00
Johannesburg (OR Tambo) Durban British Airways South Africa R779.00
Johannesburg (OR Tambo) Cape Town British Airways South Africa R1789.00
Cape Town Johannesburg (OR Tambo) British Airways South Africa R1789.00
Durban Cape Town British Airways South Africa R879.00
Cape Town Durban British Airways South Africa R879.00
Johannesburg Port Elizabeth British Airways South Africa R1110.00
Port Elizabeth Johannesburg (OR Tambo) British Airways South Africa R1110.00
Durban London British Airways South Africa R10699.00
Johannesburg (OR Tambo) London British Airways South Africa R10499.00
Johannesburg (OR Tambo) Bangkok British Airways South Africa R18889.00
Durban Bangkok British Airways South Africa R20189.00
Johannesburg (OR Tambo) Windhoek British Airways South Africa R1999.00
Durban Windhoek British Airways South Africa R1918.00
Johannesburg (OR Tambo) Dubai British Airways South Africa R28589.00
Durban Dubai British Airways South Africa R29489.00
Johannesburg (OR Tambo) Harare British Airways South Africa R2659.00
Durban Harare British Airways South Africa R2505.00

BA Flight Routes

Being a full-service global airline, BA offers excellent value all year round. In South Africa, British Airways services several major flight routes, including Cape Town to Johannesburg, Cape Town to Durban, Johannesburg to Durban and Johannesburg to Port Elizabeth.

Regionally, the airline also flies to Harare, Victoria Falls, Livingstone and Windhoek from Johannesburg.

The British Airways global network covers over 200 destinations, with the airline transporting over 38 million air travellers per year.

British Airways flies to and from the following destinations in South Africa:
  • British Airways flights from Durban to London from R7999.00
  • British Airways flights from Cape town ot London from R8999.00
  • British Airways flights from johannesburg to London from R7999.00

British Airlines Check-in and Services

Passengers can check-in online, via mobile phone, as well as at the British Airways check-in desks or airport self-service check-in kiosks. Online and mobile check-ins open 24 hours ahead of the scheduled flight departure time.

Passengers checking in via mobile can choose their seating and also check in their fellow group travellers, with boarding passes collected at the airport.

Carry-on Baggage Allowance on British Airways Flights

The British Airways carry-on luggage allowance permits each passenger to bring one piece of hand luggage, plus a laptop or handbag. The maximum weight limit on these items is 23kg. Small musical instruments are also allowed, provided that these are not longer than 126cm in length.

BA Baggage Allowance

NB: Baggage allowances and restrictions may vary according to your flight class, seating and destination. All BA flights allow one piece of hand luggage, as well as a handbag, briefcase or laptop bag, at no additional bag charge.

The weight allocation for checked bags is as follows:

  • Economy Class: A maximum of two pieces of luggage, with a maximum weight limit of 32kg per piece.
  • First Class and Business Class: Up to 3 pieces of checked luggage; the weight limit per item is 32kg.

Special items such as sports equipment can be carried for free as part of the standard checked luggage allocation. You may take a car seat on board if you’re travelling with an infant and intend to strap them in.

The British Airways Fleet

The world-class BA Fleet consists of a combination of Airbuses and Boeings.

The British Airways fleet consists of:

  • Boeing 777-300
  • Airbus 380-800
  • Boeing 747-400
  • Boeing 787-9
  • Boeing 777-200
  • Boeing 787-8 (Dreamliner) - now flying directly to London from Durban
  • Boeing 767-300
  • Airbus 321-200
  • Airbus 320-200
  • Airbus 319-100
  • Airbus 318-100

British Airways logo on aircraft tails

The In-Flight Experience for Passengers

In South Africa, the British Airways in-flight experience is renowned; the service, attention to detail, and personal touch is standard from take-off to landing.

Both the in-flight entertainment and onboard catering are top-notch. All onboard meals and beverages are complimentary. Most of the seats feature personal television monitors, with games, movies, music, and TV available on demand.

Whether you’re flying economy class or business class, you can expect excellent service. BA is committed to the comfort of each and every passenger from check-in to landing.

If you fly often, why not join the BA Executive Club? It’s free to join and every time you fly you’ll receive travel points which you can spend on car hire, valet parking, and other travel perks.

British Airways Booking Flights Online

When you book BA Flights online it only takes a few clicks, and you get flight ticket prices listed in order of the cheapest prices for your stipulated destination and dates. Book it yourself with your credit card and save.

Simply use the above flight search booking engine form to compare British Airways flights to a range of other South African Airline flights (including South African Airways and Kulula).

You’ll receive a mobile boarding pass when you check in online or you can check in at the airport and receive your boarding pass at the BA counter.

British Airways Bookings: Telephonic Reservations

You can contact British Airways in South Africa via telephone on (011) 441 8600 during office hours (weekdays only). For more information and the latest news on possible travel restrictions, visit the BA website at flight booking page. Don’t hesitate to email customer service with any queries.

Need some help? Check out our flight bookings process page for more information.

British Airways logo on aircraft tails

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