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South African airline industry expert, Gidon Novick, has joined forces with Global Aviation to transport passengers between Johannesburg and Cape Town in sunny South Africa. With their new airline, Lift, getting cheap flights to Cape Town will be a breeze.

Passengers in South African were in need of a new low-cost airline that allowed flexibility and affordable prices. Of the options available to South African travellers, this was not possible until Lift entered the market.

With Lift, passengers can choose between flexible one-way and return flights at great prices. They also have additional baggage options that don’t cost a fortune and if you want to change or cancel your flight your remaining balance will live in your Lift wallet. Let’s find out how your lift with this airline came to be.

The Making of Lift Airlines, South Africa

Gidon Novick is the former joint CEO of Comair and the person behind Kulula airlines. His experience in the world of planes has given him insights that should help the business soar. Lift airline, South Africa might be a small airline with fewer planes, but this allows for greater efficiency, giving them a big advantage over the bigger airlines.

Often mistaken as “Lyft flights”, coming up with the name for the airline was no small task. The new airline opened up the floor to the public and went through thousands of name suggestions for the company. These included suggestions like “Gravy Plane”, “Wakanda Air” and “Planey McPlaneface”.

In the end, eight different people suggested the name Lift and the airline finally had a name. Their winning suggestion won them multiple domestic flights with the airline for a year! But they’re not the only ones who get to enjoy what Lift has to offer. Lift airlines have been flying business people, holidayers, and families around South Africa since December 2020.

Accommodation in South Africa

The Idea Behind Lift Airline Bookings & Prices

Created with customers in mind, Lift intends to help locals discover South Africa without breaking the bank. Due to the uncertainty of the airline industry at the moment, Lift will operate using a flexible business model. Inspired by Uber, their business will operate based on flight demand and popularity.

Lift offers its passengers the option to cancel or change bookings up to 24 hours before the flight, without penalty. Lift also offers passengers extra perks like a free solo caffé coffee from Vida to enjoy before your Lift flight. For more perks, promotions, and news, head to the Lift Airline website.

Why Choose Lift Airlines?

There are a number of domestic airlines to choose from in South Africa. So why choose Lift? At the end of the day, we all want to travel with a comfortable carrier that we can trust. Check out why you won’t be disappointed by Lift flight bookings.

Lift airlines customer first
Customers First

This air carrier offers a “customer-focused” experience. They have skilled staff, great facilities and a business model that works for you.

lift airlines efficiency

Lift doesn’t have a large fleet of aeroplanes. This means the ones they do have will be efficient and well-maintained.

lift airlines low cost

You won’t have to fork out all your vacation money on flights with this low-cost airline. You can rather spend the money on a luxurious hotel room or a hire car - or a longer holiday.

Lift Flight Prices

Lift flights from Johannesburg to Cape Town from R730
Lift flights from Cape Town to Johannesburg from R855
Lift Specials

For the latest specials and offers, be sure to check out the Lift website as these are updated regularly.

Lift’s Fleet of Aeroplanes

The airline is operated by Global Aviation Operations and has a fleet of Airbus A320’s ready to get you to your destination.

Lift Domestic Flight RoutesCurrently, you are able to fly Lift between Johannesburg and Cape Town. And during the festive season, you may be able to fly between Johannesburg and George, this still needs to be confirmed by the air carrier. According to various interviews, Lift will soon fly locals to and from Cape Town, Johannesburg, and Durban.

Popular Lift Flights Routes

The first Lift flight took off in December 2020 from Johannesburg to Cape Town. You’ll only be able to fly between Joburg and Cape Town for the time being. As soon as more routes are available, we’ll add them to the page.

Domestic Airports Offering Lift Airlines

For the moment, you’ll be able to catch a Lift flight from OR Tambo International Airport in Joburg and Cape Town International Airport. The list of domestic airports offering Lift airlines flights will be updated as soon as the flight route has been extended.

Lift bookings online

You can make your online flight bookings on Lift’s website. And you are able to make them from our site as well. Just find your ideal flight and click!

Final Thoughts on Lift Airline Bookings, South Africa

With Lift, you can travel with peace of mind and flexible bookings. At the moment they only travel between Johannesburg and Cape Town, but with plans to extend flight routes in the near future.

Lift is the first airline in South Africa that offers stress-free travel as they understand that plans change. From booking to check-in and then take-off and landing, your entire experience will be smooth sailing.

Not only does the air carrier offer flexibility, but they also offer unbeatable prices. They are one of the best local carriers and you should consider them for your next business trip, vacation or family travel.