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Safair is the South African airline company behind the low cost carrier FlySafair. While the latter brand only really got underway towards the end of 2014 and beginning of 2015, Safair has been operating since March 1969 and is sometimes pronounced SA Fair.

The company is well established in the air cargo, chartering and leasing and sales space, and are also involved in training, safety and operations support services. Until the 1990s the company's core business was regional air cargo, and it also served the SA Defence Force in the 1980s.

The FlySafair brand, a subsidiary venture, is seeing Safair also venture into the scheduled, low cost passenger space, and the airline recently celebrated carrying its 250,000th passenger. The FlySafair launch was delayed due to a high court application brought by Comair, a rival in the local low cost carrier space, but the airline resumed flight operations towards the end of 2014.

Popular Safair Routes and Prices

  • Johannesburg from Cape Town, Durban, Port Elizabeth, George, and East London, from R599
  • Cape Town from Johannesburg, Durban, East London, and Port Elizabeth from R599
  • Port Elizabeth from Johannesburg and Cape Town, from R599
  • Durban from Johannesburg and Cape Town, from R499
  • East London from Johannesburg and Cape Town, from R599
  • George from Johannesburg from R599

The Safair Fleet

Safair currently operates a fleet of 10 aircraft, including four Boeing 737s and six Lockheeds.

Some Safair Tips to Remember

  • Please ensure you have a valid form of ID like an ID Book
  • Check-in for your flight closes strictly 40min before departure - please respect other passengers
  • You are permitted you to take 2 pieces of hand luggage on board with you not exceeding 7kg
  • Make sure that you have included checked-in luggage in your booking as it is NOT included in your price

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Latest Fly Safair Review:

  • 2018-11-5 Rating 5 /5 : "Flysafair are the best. Always on time and the prices are amazing. Keep up the good work team safair."

Fly Safair Flights Reviews

  • Rating 5 /5 : "It's affordable but the leg room wasn't great thus have decided to pay extra for seats with more leg room. The overall service was great though!"

  • Rating 5 /5 : "It was comfortable and I felt safe. It was my first time ."

  • Rating 5 /5 : "Excellent seat spacing and comfortable"

  • Rating 5 /5 : "Speedy boarding and speedy baggage retrieval "

  • Rating 5 /5 : "I had an awesome experience and the hostess were warm hearted"

  • Rating 5 /5 : "Friendly staff and always on time"

  • Rating 5 /5 : "affordable and they treated me well"

  • Rating 4 /5 : "Good and on time,treatment inside is accepted"

  • Rating 5 /5 : "On time airline and customer friendly."

  • Rating 5 /5 : "On Time.Pay for what you consume"

  • Rating 4 /5 : "Enough leg room, friendly staff"

  • Rating 5 /5 : "On time enough space Good service"

  • Rating 5 /5 : "Friendly staff, I travel with my two kids and the hostess was very helpful with assisting me with the baby. we arrived on time as schedule from and to our destination."

  • Rating 5 /5 : "Its adhered to timelines flight."

  • Rating 5 /5 : "From departure to arrival t was happiness and excitement all the way. Yippee"

  • Rating 5 /5 : "I enjoyed every minute."

  • Rating 4 /5 : "It was freindly n affordable"

  • Rating 5 /5 : "Always on time and always friendly staff on board."

  • Rating 5 /5 : "Excellent"

  • Rating 5 /5 : "it was my first from east London to cape town and before I have heard so many stories regarding airline ,that it is not comfortable to be inside the plane but I never noticed anything ,I enjoyed and I still want to do it again ."

  • Rating 4 /5 : "I have used FlySafair 3 times so far for this year and my experiences have always been good. Staff is warm and welcoming. The flights are affordable, safe and comfortable. I only found out about it recently and will definitely continue using it!"

  • Rating 3 /5 : "It was good and safe"

  • Rating 5 /5 : "The staff was warm and friendly, they constantly checked if we still fine. "

  • Rating 3 /5 : "It was just moderate like taking a bus "

  • Rating 3 /5 : "Costumer services is excellent. N they are highly professional"

  • Rating 4 /5 : "on time quality service"

  • Rating 5 /5 : "Fantastic and awesome"

  • Rating 5 /5 : "Its fantastic and easy going"

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