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Johannesburg is a hub of activity and plays host to the head-quarters of many national and international business head offices. Johannesburg is also the financial capital of South Africa and is found in the Gauteng province. If you are looking for cheap flights to Johannesburg, you can find them online, right here at Flight Bookings.

With our services, you can find affordable airfares with well-known low cost carriers that service domestic routes including Durban, Johannesburg, Cape Town, East London and many others.

These local airlines include the likes of Mango Airlines, Kulula, Safair, South African Airways, SA Express and British Airways. With Flight Bookings, you can cut back on airfare costs and spend more on your actual trip comforts.

Popular Flights to Johannesburg

  • Flights from Cape Town to Johannesburg : R689.00
  • Flights from Durban to Johannesburg : R399.00
  • Flights from Port Elizabeth to Johannesburg : R799.00
  • Flights from George to Johannesburg : R619.00
  • Flights from Bloemfontein to Johannesburg : R1049.00
  • Flights from East London to Johannesburg : R409.00
  • Flights from Windhoek to Johannesburg : R1819.00

* Please note that the prices are subject to availability and block out dates do apply over peak season.

Why you should book cheap flights to Johannesburg from Durban or Cape Town with Flight Bookings

We make searching, booking and paying for flights online between Johannesburg and Cape Town or Johannesburg and Durban, and trouble-free task. We feature cheap flights from leading domestic carriers and also help our customers to check in and order special services with their chosen airline online.

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The flight from Cape Town or Durban (DUR) to Johannesburg)

The average flight from Durban to Johannesburg is approximately 1 hour and 5 minutes while the flight from Cape Town to Johannesburg is approximately 2 hours and 10 minutes. When flying to Johannesburg you will touch down at the O.R. Tambo International Airport. Here you will find a variety of shops, restaurants, bars, car hire companies and even foreign exchange companies.

Local domestic low cost carriers offer daily flights between Johannesburg and Cape Town as well as Johannesburg and Durban at very affordable rates. On-board these flights you can enjoy in-flight magazines and also buy snacks and refreshments.

When is the best time to visit Johannesburg?

Get cheap flights to Johannesburg at the right time of year for you. While Jo'burg enjoys a year-round temperate climate, the best time to visit is between May and July when it's dry and warm. This is the mild winter season. Summer, which is between November and February, is another popular time though as the city enjoys breezy summer nights with beautifully dramatic thunder storms in the mid-afternoon.

There are festive activities and events hosted in Johannesburg all year round. As it turns out, you can buy cheap tickets to Johannesburg at almost any time of the year. You certainly won't regret it!

Top things to do & see in Johannesburg

Johannesburg is best known as the "City of Gold", and has an upbeat and buzzing atmosphere day and night. Whether you are visiting local attractions or popping into the favourite hotspot night club, you can expect to encounter happy, vibrant people along the way. If you're looking for places to see and things to do in Johannesburg, consider these top picks:

  • The Apartheid Museum
  • Gold Reef City
  • Montecasino
  • Cradle of Humankind
  • Johannesburg Botanical Garden
  • Hector Pieterson Museum
  • Wits Art Museum
  • SoWeTo
  • Lesedi Cultural Village
  • Wondercave

Interesting Facts About Johannesburg

Once you've booked your cheap flight to Johannesburg, you will want to explore all that the city has to offer. While you do that, you might discover some of the following interesting facts along the way:

  • Johannesburg was founded in October 1886 during the gold rush.
  • 40% of the world's gold originates in Johannesburg. That is why it's called "Egoli" which means "City of Gold".
  • The tallest skyscraper in Africa, the Carlton Centre, is in Johannesburg.
  • O.R. Tambo Airport transports and connects over 9 million passengers per year and is Africa's busiest airport.
  • The only city in Africa that is bigger than Johannesburg is Cairo.
  • Gauteng has the largest man-made forest in the world with over 10 million trees.
  • 40% of the planet's human ancestor fossils are found in the Cradle of Humankind in Johannesburg.
  • The only two polar bears in Africa (from Canada and Japan) are homed at Johannesburg Zoo.
  • Johannesburg is known as the home to Kwaito which is a unique form of African music that started up in the 90s.
  • The city of Johannesburg is the largest in the world that isn't built on a coastline.

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Latest Review of Flights to Johannesburg:

  • 2019-02-1 Rating 4 /5 : "Exciting."

Flights to Johannesburg Reviews

  • Rating 4 /5 : "Everything what I expected."

  • Rating 4 /5 : "on time and smooth flight"

  • Rating 5 /5 : "Love the City"

  • Rating 5 /5 : "I've travel to Johannesburg Or Tambo, it was very fantastic, the flight attendance was so friendly, the flight was so comfortable, clean, and tidy, the flight was on time no delay "

  • Rating 5 /5 : "I've only heard great things but I've never flown nor been there so would love the opportunity . "

  • Rating 4 /5 : "Friendly staff. In Sandton the hotel was walking distance to CBD."

  • Rating 5 /5 : "It was my first time but the service provided completed my journey i enjoyed it so much"

  • Rating 5 /5 : "We need wheelchair assistance each time we fly for my boyfriend who is paralyzed and in a wheelchair. We are always treated with so much respect, patience, warm smiles and everything goes smoothly. The flight attendants and all staff are very caring and helpful. It is always a pleasure when we fly, which is often. :) "

  • Rating 5 /5 : "was incredible"

  • Rating 5 /5 : "It was affordable"

  • Rating 5 /5 : "Amazing"

  • Rating 2 /5 : "My flight was delayed for 2hrs and 40 mins"

  • Rating 5 /5 : "Had a comfortable stress free flight and was ready for my meeting"

  • Rating 5 /5 : "On time. Friendly staff. Assisted with the kids. Overall good experience. ."

  • Rating 4 /5 : "No problem "

  • Rating 3 /5 : "Quite expensive related to quality"

  • Rating 4 /5 : "I always fly to Johannesburg and I always only have good experience with the airlines, the place and accommodation "

  • Rating 1 /5 : "Coming from Cape Town, Johannesburg I only visit for business."

  • Rating 4 /5 : Adventurous

  • Rating 5 /5 : Team members have passion to serve you with satisfaction.

  • Rating 5 /5 : "Visited my mom there was awesome"

  • Rating 5 /5 : "enjoy travelling"

  • Rating 4 /5 : "pleasant check in prices and staff"

  • Rating 5 /5 : "It was great"

  • Rating 4 /5 : Visited family. Visited Malls, had lunches and supper at local restaurants. However this Cape Town girl wishes to go back and experience the Hop on-Hop Off redbus to explore Johannesburg City. I would also love to see the Mandela Shadow Boxer Statue, visit the Kruger National Park and to see the beautiful street ART.

  • Rating 5 /5 : Flying from Johannesburg to Pietermaritzburg was so convenient.

  • Rating 4 /5 : "Flights were usually on time. The cabin crew were professional and friendly. If assistance was asked they were swift to respond. "

  • Rating 4 /5 : "Airhostess very friendly and helpful"

  • Rating 4 /5 : "Starting from the boarding process, the ground crew no matter what time of the day it is, they are full of smiles and good manners as they process their passengers. My flights have always been amazing especially on Mango. Arrival at the destination one is ready for whatever takes them there. Johannesburg, vibey, cosmopolitan in the true sense of the word, fast paced but not threatening, lively, an interesting place to be, warm and welcoming."

  • Rating 5 /5 : "Amazing and organized. "

  • Rating 5 /5 : "It's a fascinating experience, it has a lot of historical places to visit."

  • Rating 3 /5 : "Was for business"

  • Rating 5 /5 : "Easy access in and out of the airport and you feel safe. Friendly and very professional staff. "

  • Rating 5 /5 : "it was my first time to travel by air transport to travel from one city to the other within South Africa. It was amazing because i managed to make it for my appointment."

  • Rating 4 /5 : "Awesome to reconnect with familly & friends"

  • Rating 5 /5 : "Check in was wonderfull, Food was awsome, hostesses hospitality was perfect and the pilots steering the plane gave us a smooth 1 hour 25 minutes flight from JHB to EL"

  • Rating 5 /5 : "Amazing"

  • Rating 4 /5 : "I was actually on the way to Pretoria to visit my son in order to see our young grandson"

  • Rating 5 /5 : "It was my first time flying, i was nervous but it was a very great experience, trying new form of traveling, very much adventurous and it was amazing"

  • Rating 5 /5 : "Enjoy"

  • Rating 5 /5 : "It was my first time and I had a wonderful experience"

  • Rating 5 /5 : "It was fantastic"

  • Rating 4 /5 : "smooth flight"

  • Rating 4 /5 : Extremely busy, but alot of shopping places to go too

  • Rating 3 /5 : Traveled from Kimberley to Johannesburg. Flights were extremely expensive, flights from JHB to Kimberley are always delayed with no compensation. Kimberley is not even on SAA's list to be reviewed. Its ridiculously expensive to fly from Kimberley and they never, ever have special rates..

  • Rating 4 /5 : "I had gone for a specific convention - which was absolutely amazing, but it took most of my time spent there so I didn't really get to do much sight seeing. But i found Joburg to be a busy bustling place, that should i go there for holiday i would need to do research and have a plan and places i know i could go to, since it doesn't have the obvious naturey places that are easy to find and go too. "

  • Rating 3 /5 : "The flight was on time but seats were no so comortable"

  • Rating 4 /5 : "Great"

  • Rating 3 /5 : "It was not that bad at all especially iwas travelling with a infant"

  • Rating 4 /5 : Loved the City of Gold....casinos and Zoo

  • Rating 1 /5 : I went on a business trip to Johannesburg. Coming from Cape Town I can never say I like Johannesburg. .

  • Rating 5 /5 : "Respect, comfortable and laggage well taken care rather than Mango airlines"

  • Rating 5 /5 : "always read the reviews of people the negative ones and had to experience it for myself. I having nothing but praise for the airline, from booking our tickets to boarding in Cape Town to Jhb and back. staff was friendly, eats good, seats good and most important flights on time. well done safair."

  • Rating 5 /5 : "Traveled nice with no delays and arrived on time"

  • Rating 5 /5 : "i love johannesburg for its ever improving in buildings and road networks its just so amazing."

  • Rating 5 /5 : I had a good experience, the confort and the service was great

  • Rating 4 /5 : It was Amazing ! I found Johannesburg as a beautiful and fun city.

  • Rating 4 /5 : "Service side good nly problem to long to wait at check in counters on monday mrngs "

  • Rating 4 /5 : "Flight was comfy and smooth and on time "

  • Rating 5 /5 : "Will definitely fly again."

  • Rating 5 /5 : "Stayed at the Melrose Arch Hotel. Enjoyed it tremendously. "

  • Rating 4 /5 : "It was very comfortable and staff is friendly. ."

  • Rating 4 /5 : "Awesome"

  • Rating 4 /5 : "ALWAYS LOVELY"

  • Rating 5 /5 : "The crew was friendly and the the plane was very clean, I would love to experience more flights with you."

  • Rating 5 /5 : "It's great and I enjoyed my flight "

  • Rating 4 /5 : "Lovely weather. Lovely people. Great shopping and shows"

  • Rating 5 /5 : "Visit sister which are very I'll with cancer"

  • Rating 5 /5 : "The trip was awesome because the crew staff was friendly"

  • Rating 5 /5 : "No problem with the Airline, just some of the Flight Staff need to be more pleasant, and accommodating."

  • Rating 5 /5 : "It was memorable and I liked the way the city is organized and clean. "

  • Rating 4 /5 : "Visited family, alot of things to see and do"

  • Rating 4 /5 : "It was amazing. The atmosphere was riveting and I enjoyed my stay in Johannesburg. "

  • Rating 3 /5 : "easy access"

  • Rating 4 /5 : great and vibrant City

  • Rating 5 /5 : Great .

  • Rating 5 /5 : "The flight is comfortable and the staff is friendly. The flight also does not always have delays"

  • Rating 5 /5 : "I went to visit home since I am now staying in Cape Town and travel back home frequently when I get the opportunity. I miss my family a lot so I try to do so as much as possible but it can be costly at times. And as they say home is where the heart is so I'm at my happiest when I am able to spend time with my family."

  • Rating 5 /5 : "Very pleasant"

  • Rating 3 /5 : "Very pleasant"

  • Rating 5 /5 : it was a good one unic experence the city is interesting which i can sogest for a friend to vist

  • Rating 5 /5 : I was an Amazing experience Experience. I am scared of tribulations. Did not feel any.

  • Rating 4 /5 : "Always friendly and helpful, ready to always be at the customer's service. "

  • Rating 5 /5 : Very good atmosphere in Pretoria

  • Rating 5 /5 : It was a good flight.

  • Rating 1 /5 : "everybody was so friendly, I mean everything was perfect."

  • Rating 5 /5 : "Awesome "

  • Rating 5 /5 : "It was successful"

  • Rating 4 /5 : "It was fantastic in the sense that i traveled with a friend whos never been on a plane and has never been to south Africa. so you can imagine the excitement. in a nutshell, we had the best time of our lives."

  • Rating 5 /5 : Comfortable

  • Rating 5 /5 : It was blissful, the takeoff and the landing..

  • Rating 5 /5 : "Great value from flight on schedule so no missed business meetings. Dependable"

  • Rating 5 /5 : "Awesome"

  • Rating 5 /5 : "Amazing experience. Visited Friends and Family. Had a Great time."

  • Rating 5 /5 : "It was great, the hostess was child friendly, a definitely a must for a every parent"

  • Rating 5 /5 : pleasant journey

  • Rating 5 /5 : visited family.

  • Rating 4 /5 : "since it was my first time, it was a great experience "

  • Rating 5 /5 : "Great experience ..friendly helpful and courteous staff"

  • Rating 5 /5 : "staff very friendly and helpful"

  • Rating 4 /5 : "The staff is warm and continuous communicating while airborne. Affordable tickets. "

  • Rating 5 /5 : "It was wonderful."

  • Rating 5 /5 : "It was amazing,i realy enjoyed"

  • Rating 5 /5 : "Always amazing spending time with the family"

  • Rating 5 /5 : "Beautiful Airport, equivalent to any other first world county. Definitely larger than Perth. Friendly , helpful Staff, extending their services. Enjoyed a wonderful flight to Johannesburg."

  • Rating 4 /5 : "Hectic shopping experience. "

  • Rating 5 /5 : "Friendly staff/Cleanliness of the Aircraft"

  • Rating 5 /5 : "Best services ever!"

  • Rating 5 /5 : "Great holiday destination"

  • Rating 2 /5 : "Very unfriendly staff."

  • Rating 5 /5 : "Amazing Home sweet Home "

  • Rating 5 /5 : "Very nice air hostage are friendly"

  • Rating 5 /5 : "Service, food, prices, everything was just excellent. What an amazing experience."

  • Rating 5 /5 : "It was great"

  • Rating 4 /5 : Good flight. Good service

  • Rating 4 /5 : It's always nice going back to Jozi's markets places and old friends and hangouts. Always..

  • Rating 5 /5 : "Always wonderful "

  • Rating 5 /5 : "i was travelling with my fiance who is using crutches and we got the best service ever"

  • Rating 5 /5 : "i had a great flights with saa"

  • Rating 5 /5 : "Was so nice"

  • Rating 5 /5 : Staff are very friendly and the flights are safe very little to no turbulence. Pilots are very well trained

  • Rating 5 /5 : I had the most amazing weather and had lunch at a restaurant in Bryanston. I went to visit my son and grandchildren for mothersday. My daughter-in-law was murdered in 2016 and I wanted to spend the day with them because the children are still small and miss their mother very much..

  • Rating 5 /5 : "Good service compreansive good understanding of customer "

  • Rating 4 /5 : "Was a good experience"

  • Rating 4 /5 : "It was great"

  • Rating 5 /5 : Arrive on time and good customer service

  • Rating 4 /5 : The journey was amazing and staff was great and supported.

  • Rating 3 /5 : I have gone there for work so did not experience any of the nice activities JHB has to offer. I would however like to experience this some time.

  • Rating 4 /5 : It was beautiful, frendly and professional stuffs .

  • Rating 5 /5 : "I was going home , it was a pleasant journey"

  • Rating 4 /5 : "traveling by are is fast and efficient and it safe from travelings on the road. And my girlfriend works in Johannesburg so now I travel sometimes twice a month."

  • Rating 5 /5 : "The service on the flight was good.I'm just one of those happy travelers with Mango.Never had any problems."

  • Rating 5 /5 : I enjoy SAA from London Heathrow airport, as I feel at home from the beginning of my journey. The food was amazing and the staff was friendly and helpful.

  • Rating 4 /5 : It was great .

  • Rating 4 /5 : Nice .

  • Rating 3 /5 : ok

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