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FlySAA is the Web presence of South African Airways, SA's flag carrier airline. As the largest SA Airline, both domestically and internationally speaking,FlySAA frequently flies to over 38 destinations around the world. The phrase "flysaa" is frequently used to find SAA via Google, and the brand is frequently referred to by this name.

FlySAA is headquartered in Kempton Park, at the Johannesburg International Airport. The airlines international flights are almost always routed through this air traffic hub.The SAA fleet consist of 54 aircraft; mostly Airbuses and Boeing 737s, however it is anticipated that the airline will invest in a more modern, fuel efficient fleet with a view to reduce running costs in the years to come.

The airline has recently been focusing on ramping up its code sharing agreements, signing deals with leading Indian airline Jet Airways and American JetBlue airlines. With a view to secure the local market even further, its code sharing agreement with subsidiary airline has also been ramped up to cover secondary cities.

While FlySAA has been awarded a host of airline accolades, including the best airline in Africa (2013), as wells as a 4-star Skytrax Rating and Service Excellence award, the airline is no stranger to controversy. The airline recently released its ninth turnaround strategy, in addition to the R16 billion it has been awarded in bailouts over the last 20 years.

While the FlySAA experience is generally considered to be excellent by both industry critics and air travellers alike,financial management issues have been an ongoing theme.Between 2012 and 2014 All rights reserved., several senior executives left FlySAA in quick succession.

FlySAA and its subsidiary, Mango Airlines, has also routinely been accused of anti-competitive commercial behaviour, with the latter tendency widely credited with the demise of other South African low cost carriers such as 1time Airlines, Velvet Sky, Nationwide Airlines and others.

Most recently, FlySAA discontinued its direct flights from Johannesburg to Buenos Aires, eliciting much criticism from both the South African and Argentine tourism industries.

Flying SAA

FlySAA's service is generally of high quality, and flights are typically on time - however the quality of onboard caterring has has been known to vary somewhat. Passengers on FlySAA can look forward to:

  • Airscape in flight entertainment channel with Audio Video On Demand (AVOD)
  • Long haul amenity kits for First and Business Class travellers
  • A 2 | 4 | 2 seat layout
  • Sawubona in flight magazine.
  • Warm South African hospitality and onboard service

FlySAA flight routes

FlySAA regularly flies throughout South Africa. In addition, it also flies to a range of regional and international destinations, including flights from:

  • Johannesburg to New York
  • Johannesburg to Washington
  • Johannesburg to Paris
  • Johannesburg to Mumbai
  • Johannesburg to Sao Paulo
  • Johannesburg to Frankfurt
  • Johannesburg to Perth
  • Johannesburg to Zurich

FlySAA Bookings

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FlySAA Reservations

FlySAA Reservations can be reached telephonically on 0861 FLYSAA (0861 359722) from 06am to 10pm, 7 days per week.

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