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Switzerland might be the happiest country on the planet. Just what is it that makes everyone happy in Switzerland, you ask? Perhaps it's the stunning scenery, or the unique sights, or fun events and special experiences that might have an impact on the way the Swiss enjoy life.

Then there's Belgium too - totally accessible because of the cheap flights available to this leading European country. You can find out how beautiful Belgium is by visiting any time of the year. Even during the winter months, this idyllic country attracts tourists and visitors from all around the world throughout the year. Thanks to cheap flights to Switzerland and cheap flights to Belgium, even more people from all walks of life are able to visit and enjoy the splendour of Europe on a budget.

Grab a pedalo and hit the water at Lake Zurich, and get in a decent workout while you take in the stunning views of the city. Take a hike through thousands of miles of well-marked trails along the iconic Matterhorn on the Zermatt Lake Trail, or retreat to any of the many quaint villages to slow down and unwind by ditching the city life while discovering the real Switzerland.

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