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Why Choose Mango Airlines?

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Mango airlines pride themselves on efficiency, service and innovation

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Mango flights are available to most South African airports and cities

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Mango offer the widest range of payment options and allow flight changes at no additional cost

About Mango Flights

Launched in 2006, Mango Airlines, a state owned South African airline, is widely considered as one of SA's cheapest domestic airlines. It has earned travel accolades such as Africa's Best Budget Airline and the Prism Award in the Travel and Tourism category.

The airline operates an eco friendly fleet of Boeing 737 aircraft seating 186 air travellers across all its flight routes. Each row features 3 adjacent seats on each side of a central aisle. All aircraft are maintained by SAA Technical, another subsidiary of South African Airways (SAA).

Popular Mango Flights Routes

Mango operates on the following South African flight routes:

Mango flights from Johannesburg to Cape Town from R699.00
Mango flights from Cape Town to Johannesburg from R699.00
Mango flights from Johannesburg to Durban from R499.00
Mango flights from Durban to Johannesburg from R699.00
Mango flights from Cape Town to Durban from R699.00
Mango flights from Durban to Cape Town from R699.00
Mango flights from Johannesburg to Port Elizabeth from R899.00
Mango flights from Port Elizabeth to Johannesburg from R899.00

Mango Flight Prices and Times

Departure Airport Destination Airport Airline Price Flight Time
Lanseria Durban Mango R399.00 1.05h
Durban Lanseria Mango R399.00 1.05h
Durban Johannesburg (OR Tambo) Mango R399.00 1.05h
Johannesburg (OR Tambo) Durban Mango R399.00 1.05h
Johannesburg Cape Town Mango R899.00 1.55h
Cape Town Johannesburg Mango R899.00 1.55h
Lanseria Cape Town Mango R999.00 1.55h
Cape Town Lanseria Mango R999.00 1.55h
Durban Cape Town Mango R899.00 2.15h
Cape Town Durban Mango R899.00 2.15h
Johannesburg George Mango R1399.00 1.4h
Johannesburg Port Elizabeth Mango R799.00 1.45h
Port Elizabeth Johannesburg (OR Tambo) Mango R799.00 1.45h
Bloemfontein Cape Town Mango R849.00 1.3h
Cape Town Bloemfontein Mango R849.00 1.3h

Mango Airlines Specials: The Happy Day Sale

Today is 20 May 2014, and it's Mango Happy Day Sale Time again! The sale started at 09:00 today and ends at 21:00 - or as soon as all the promotional seats are booked out. The travel period for this Mango Sale is from 20 May 2014 to 30 June 2014. For more information and the most up to date airfares, visit and look out for the banner image that looks like this below the flight booking area of the site:

Booking your flights

The airline offers a ticketless system, so you'll need a copy of your itinerary receipt and a valid form of South African identification (ID, Passport, Driver's Licence, etc.) Baggage can only be booked in until 40 minutes prior to departure, but the recommended check-in time is 1.5 to 2 hours prior to your flight departure. does not offer pre-seating and assigns flight seats upon check-in. Carry-on luggage is to one bag per traveller, with the weight limit set at 7kg. Additional luggage beyond this will cost R25/kg. No single piece of luggage weighing more than 32kg will be accepted.

Standard Mango Flights do not include any food or drinks; these can be purchased on board. Mango Juice, the in-flight magazine, and Mango TV comprises the in-flight entertainment. Mango is also one of the first South African airlines to offer in-flight Wi-Fi on all its domestic flights.

Mango Flights: Domestic Routes and Destinations

Mango Airlines offers some of SA's cheapest flights to and from the following destionations: Bloemfontein, Cape Town to Johannesburg, Durban, Port Elizabeth and Tanzania's Zanzibar International Airport. Mango Flights land in both Johannesburg's OR Tambo and Lanseria International Airports.

Mango Flights: Booking online

Book your Mango Flights direct at or, or simply use the above online form to search, compare and save with SA's cheapest domestic flights!

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