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Airlink Flights From Cape Town to Durban

FlyAirlink is one of Southern Africa’s largest privately-owned premium airlines and offers full-service flights to more than 45 destinations. With an operating fleet of over 50 commercial jetliners, Airlink is a popular carrier for passengers between locations spanning 13 African countries.

Airlink South Africa offers some of the cheapest flights from Cape Town to Durban, with at least one flight departing from Cape Town International daily. As a popular local route, you’ll want to fly with an airline you can trust. And, with unparalleled service and punctuality, Airlink may just be the airline for you

Its expansive Airlink flight booking coverage means that beyond their Cape Town to Durban route, Airlink also covers many other popular destinations throughout Southern Africa.

Why Choose to Fly Airlink

Celebrating 30 years of excellent customer service and dedication, Airlink is one of the highest-rated passenger airlines in South Africa. At the forefront of regional travel, here are some of the reasons thousands have entrusted their Cape Town to Durban flight needs with Airlink.

Outstanding Punctuality
Outstanding Punctuality

Maintaining an average of 95% on-time performance, Airlink is widely renowned as SA’s most punctual airline. With an operating fleet of over 50 aircraft, Airlink aims never to cancel a scheduled flight, ensuring you get where you want to without delay.

Customer Satisfaction
Customer Satisfaction

With 30 years in the business, Airlink has achieved an unprecedented level of customer satisfaction. An average of 1.9 million flyers choose Airlink flights per year. And with the addition of an excellent rewards program, this number continues to grow. Its team of over 430 Airlink flight staff will ensure that your flight is enjoyable and comfortable.

Unparalleled Regional Coverage
Unparalleled Regional Coverage

Airlink covers destinations with over 55 routes. This makes it the most significant regional feeder airline in South Africa. With an average of 60 000 scheduled flights per year, you are guaranteed an Airlink flight for a wide range of locations.

Cheap Airlink Flights From Cape Town to Durban - One Way

Deciding on the best option for your next flight from Cape Town to Durban is an easy and effortless experience with Airlink. Offering a minimum of one flight to Durban daily, here are the recommended flight options and prices for your next trip.

Which Day is the Cheapest for a Flight to Durban

As with any airline, some days provide cheaper flights to Durban than others. On average, the most affordable day for flying with Airlink are Tuesdays at ZAR and Wednesdays at Rx. This is dependent on the season and availability of flights, and, for better prices, it is recommended that your Airlink booking be made in advance.

Which Month is the Cheapest for Flights to Durban

Seasonally, you can expect your flights to Durban to be at their cheapest during August and September. As Durban is accustomed to a year-round sub-tropical climate, these are the months with the lowest average daily temperatures. Typically, this falls within the off-season for tourists.

Airlink flights from Cape Town to Durban are at their most expensive during November and December. The summer months bring an annual influx of tourists to the coastal city, causing prices to be higher than average.

Best Time to Visit Durban

Thanks to the location and sub-tropical climate Durban has to offer, there is never a wrong time to visit the city. Although daily temperatures drop during winter, the days are never truly cold, with evenings being quite enjoyable. During summer, the weather can be a bit unpredictable, with sudden downpours being the norm, and you can expect a rise in temperature and humidity.

Top Things to Do in Durban

Regardless of what time of year you choose for your Durban trip, after choosing your Airlink flight to Durban, the next step is to fill your itinerary. The amazing coastal city is filled to the brim with a near limitless amount of fun things to do. Here are some of the top things to do in Durban.

  • Visit the Moses Mabhida Stadium: Situated on Durban’s famous Golden Mile, this world-class stadium hosted a number of the 2010 FIFA World Cup matches. Popular attractions here include the Big Rush Big Swing - the world's tallest rope swing.
  • Explore the Golden Mile, this epic 6km stretch of pristine promenade is right on the beachfront. The perfect place to take in the golden beaches of Durban and the beautiful waters of the Indian Ocean.
  • Take a dive at uShaka Marine World is a true gem of Durban. As one of the largest aquariums in the world, you can look forward to a huge amount of aquatic fun.
  • Visit the Durban Botanical Gardens: In operation since 1849, it is the oldest in Africa. Filled with a massive collection, including pre-historic living fossil plants, this is a place not to miss.
  • Go and explore the Indian Quarter: Durban is one of the most culturally diverse cities in South Africa. The best place to experience this is by strolling through the Indian Quarter.


Where Do Airlink Flight to Durban Land?

All flights operated by Airlink to Durban arrive at King Shaka International Airport in Durban.

Does Airlink Offer Daily Flights to Durban?

Yes, Airlink operates a minimum of one daily flight from Cape Town to Durban, with some days having a maximum of three daily flights.

Do You Need A Covid-19 Test to Fly Domestically in SA?

No, you do not need to produce a Covid-19 PCR Test for domestic flights within South Africa. This, however, does not apply to international flights.

Are SAA And Airlink The Same?

Although Airlink operated as a partner airline to SAA for just over 20 years, it ended its franchise agreement with the carrier in 2020. Airlink is now an independently owned and operated airline.

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