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Looking for discount flights to take you to or from Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, and other destinations? Then look no further than SA Airlines, which gives you instant access to good value flight deals on local and international flights.

Utilising the cutting edge Travelstart flight search tool, you can be your own travel agent and search, compare, and save on flights. The system searches hundreds of airlines' flight inventory to give you the best discount flights South Africa has to offer.

Why Compare Discounted Flights with SA Airlines?

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Speed: With SA Airlines, you can compare flight prices in a few simple clicks: search, compare and book online within a matter of minutes.

Best price: Compare flight prices to find the lowest discounted flights and most direct routing on domestic flights and their international counterparts.

Industry leading platform: The search tool guarantees the cheapest flights on international and domestic rides. Their ticket prices include taxes and fees, meaning you won’t get unexpected costs.

Route reach: If you're flying internationally, the system can quote you on flight legs for regional airlines you may not have even heard of before. This typically translates into cheap flights but could also mean that you get to fly even if more one-way routings are already booked out.

24/7 availability: Make your online flight bookings whenever it suits you, from the comfort of wherever you are.

Range of airlines: Compare and book a flight with South Africa’s airlines and international carriers using a single flight booking form. From Airlink and to British Airways and Mango Airlines, and more.

How to Get Discounts on Flights in South Africa

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While airlines are responsible for offering passengers the best flight deals, there are things you can that help answer the question of how to get flight discounts.

Book early: The best way to find cheap flights is to book well ahead of your travel dates, as last-minute flights tend to cost significantly more.

Consider all airlines Instead of looking at only industry giants like British Airways, Kulula, and Mango, consider even lesser-known carriers. These airlines can sometimes offer a better discount on flights, and you can find the best ones with our search tool.

Specials & programmes Another way to find cheap flights and travel on a discount is by keeping an eye out for specials and programmes. They’re usually announced on websites and social media pages of the airlines and carriers. You can also sign up for an airline’s newsletter to get news on these instantly.

Book Now and Don’t Miss Out on Flight Discounts in South Africa

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When it comes to discount flights, South Africa has many to offer. Whether you want international flights or cheap flights to travel around locally, they’re all available.

Now, keep our tips on how to get a discount on flights tickets in mind and use the search tool to plan your travels!

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