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SA Airlines is a proud partner of Travelstart, a leading international online flight booking company whose cutting-edge booking engine enables you to book flights, hotels, rental cars and holiday packages online yourself. Using the above booking form you can be your own travel agent; simply search, compare and save online!

About Travelstart

Launched in Sweden in 1999, Travelstart - sometimes mistakenly searched for as Travel Start - currently operates in South Africa, Tanzania, Kenya, Namibia, Nigeria and Turkey. The company uses global flight distribution systems such as those offered by the Amadeus IT Group and Travelfusion to give you instantaneous access to scores of international airline databases.

Within a few simple clicks you can identify the best routing and price for your preferred dates of travel, or you can enter flexible dates to identify the cheapest flights.

The company prides itself on a commitment to innovation, and has been instrumental in facilitating a shift towards more South African air travellers booking their own flights online. Travelstart also guarantees the lowest prices on international flights, making it easy to ensure you keep more money in your pocket towards your next trip.

So why not compare flight prices now and put the Travelstart promise to the test? Use the above form and secure the cheapest flights online - it only takes a minute! For more information on Travelstart visit

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Travelstart in the news

The airline has recently received news coverage when its CEO wrote a rather firmly worded letter to a regional SAA General Manager, providing the airline with some constructive advice for improvement of its current situation.

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