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Want to book SA's cheapest flights online? SA Airlines gives you the power to be your own travel agent and save more on both international and domestic flights in SA - simply and affordably. Simply follow the below 5-step process to book your own flights online, 24/7, 365.

How SA Airlines works

Booking your own flights cuts out the middleman - the traditional travel agent - and keeps more moola in your pocket to treat yourself on your next trip.

Powered by top international travel company Travelstart, you can rest assured that you're dealing with a system you can trust. It's really simple, even if you've never booked a flight yourself.

Step 1: Start by entering your destination and departure city into our flight booking engine (above), and indicate your preferred travel dates.

You can opt to search for exact date sets, if your itinerary is not flexible, or you can search for +/- 3 days on either end to ensure you get the best possible deal.

Flight booking step 1

Our system then scours hundreds of airline databases within seconds to give you access to the best bargains to, from and within South Africa.

Step 2: Choose the airfares that suit your travel requirement and pocket best, and hit "continue".

Flight booking step 2

Step 3: Enter your own personal and contact details, as well as that of your fellow travellers, if any, and then hit "continue".

Flight booking step 3

Step 4: Select you're the payment method and hit "continue".

Flight booking step 4

Step 5: Enter your payment details, confirm your flight booking details, and hit "Book Flight to complete your booking. It's as simple as that, and you can do it within minutes at any time of the day or night - no need to wait for travel agents to get back to you, and no manual paperwork! Your tickets are issued electronically, making it he most convenient way to book your air tickets.

Flight booking step 5

Please note: Your flight bookings will only be confirmed upon your payment getting processed, making credit cards the ideal choice in terms of the speed at which transactions get processed.

Happy travels!

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