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Thomas Cook Airlines is one of few SA airlines offering cheap flights between South Africa and the UK. This British airline which offers both charter and passenger flights in and around the UK as well as international, has its headquarters in Manchester and its main hub at Gatwick Airport in London. When booking cheap flights with Thomas Cook Airlines, you will have access to a variety of holiday packages and specials offered specifically to clients of the company.

The enterprise of Thomas Cook Airlines that operates today is a result of a merger with MyTravel Airways in 2008. Prior to that, the company operated as a standalone airline between 1999 and 2008. Each year, Thomas Cook Airlines provides affordable flights to over 6.7 million passengers and serves routes to over 60 world-wide destinations.

You can book and pay for cheap international and domestic flights on Thomas Cook Airlines with the interactive SA Airlines online portal today.

Thomas Cook Flight Classes and On-Board Comfort

Thomas Cook Airlines offers passengers two class options:

  • Economy Class passengers enjoy standard seat options with limited recline. While meals are served on long haul flights, drinks must be bought on-board. Passengers have access to a digital flight progress map and the on-board entertainment system which features the latest TV series and audio programs.
  • Premium Class passengers have the benefit of a wider (50cm) seat with head and foot rests that can be individually adjusted for comfort. Passengers are served meals from a premium dining menu along with complimentary beverages. Access to a digital flight progress map and the on-board entertainment system featuring the latest movies and radio channels is also offered. Each Premium Class seat also has a USB port for private media and charging.

Thomas Cook Airline’s Baggage Policy

When you book affordable SA Airlines flights with Thomas Cook Airlines, you will need to adhere to the baggage limitations / restrictions set in place by the airline. Each passenger is permitted no more than 15kg of checked-in baggage. If two passengers are travelling together, they are allowed to combine their baggage weight. Only one piece of hand luggage is allowed on-board and must not weigh more than 7kg or exceed 158cm (length + width + height).

Excess baggage is accepted and can be paid for at the Thomas Cook Airlines offices at the airport of departure.

Thomas Cook Airlines Fleet

The Thomas Cook Airlines fleet consists of a mix of 35 aircraft. The airline has 21 x Airbus A321-200s, 7 x Airbus A330-200s, 5 x Boeing 757-300s and 2 x Boeing 767-300ERs.

Thomas Cook Airlines Destinations

This airline offers flights from South Africa to the UK, Europe, Asia, the Caribbean and North America. The company flies from over 20 airports to more than 60 global destinations.

Check-in Procedures for Thomas Cook Airlines

Thomas Cook Airlines offers the following check-in options:

  • At the airport: passengers can check in at an airport check-in counter at least 1.5 hours prior to departure. There are also self-service machines available at the airport which can be used to reserve a seat and print a boarding pass. A booking reference and form of ID is required for this. A late night check-in service (aka Sundown Service) is also available at selected airports. Passengers can check their luggage in and retrieve a boarding pass the night before their flight. This is mostly possible at UK airports and is a convenient service to use for your flight back to South Africa.
  • Online: passengers can check-in online from 48 hours to 45 minutes prior to departure. A booking reference will be required to print a boarding pass.

Get Rewarded for Flying with Thomas Cook Airlines

Passengers who fly with Thomas Cook Airlines can join the airline’s rewards program which is linked to various retail and online stores. When buying tickets or shopping at associated stores, ePoints are earned for every 1 pound spent, or equivalent thereof. Points can be used for flight discounts, travel extras, gaming and entertainment.

Thomas Cook Airlines in Recent News

Check-in System Glitch Provides Thomas Cook Airlines with an Opportunity to Impress Passengers

In mid June 2017, the check-in systems for Thomas Cook Airlines (UK) suffered a serious glitch, delaying flights and frustrating passengers for many hours. The usual protocol in such events is to offer passengers vouchers to be spent on food and drink (sometimes accommodation) at the airport. Thomas Cook Airlines staff members were focused on getting passengers on board without any additional delays and so instead of offering airport vouchers, they treated their passengers to free on-board drinks, which was well received by passengers.


Thomas Cook Airlines Flights Affected by New Travel Rules

Recently implemented travel rules mean that Thomas Cook Airlines has a ban on devices being carried in the cabin that are larger than a normal smartphone size. These items can still be carried, but must be checked into the hold The list of banned items includes: laptops, tablets, kindles, E-readers, DVD players, electronic game units and travel printers / scanners.