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South African Airways Flights From Johannesburg To Perth

South African Airways (FlySAA), the national carrier of South Africa, offers a seamless and convenient travel experience with its flights from Johannesburg to Perth. As one of the busiest air routes in the country, this route is well-served by South African Airways, providing passengers with a plethora of options for their journey.

The flight duration from Johannesburg to Perth is approximately 13 hours and start at around R13999.00 for a return flight depending on the time of year. South African Airways operates modern and well-maintained aircraft, ensuring a safe and comfortable travel experience for all passengers. The airline's commitment to excellence is reflected in its attentive and professional cabin crew, who are dedicated to providing exceptional service throughout the flight.

Flights (SA 280) depart OR Tambo International Airport, Johannesburg, 3 times a week on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays at 20h55 and arrive at Perth International Airport, the following day at 12h20. Flights from Perth (SA 281) are scheduled 3 times a week on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays and depart at 14h40, arriving the following day at 19h35 in Johannesburg.

For the launch phase of the route, SAA will operate an Airbus A340 – 300, with a total seat capacity of 253 (38 business class seats and 215 economy seats). A marvel in the global skies, the A340 – 300 is synonymous with being spacious, comfortable, reliable, and capable of handling long-distance flights with ease.

You can expect an average flight duration of around 11 hours on a direct flight. However, if you're the adventurous type who relishes the journey as much as the destination, consider opting for a flight with a stopover. Popular stopover destinations include Mauritius, Dubai, and Singapore. These stopovers not only break up the long haul but also offer you the chance to experience a taste of another culture.

Why Choose South African Airways

With its outstanding reputation and commitment to customer satisfaction, South African Airways is the preferred choice for travelers seeking flights from Johannesburg to Cape Town. Here are some of the best reasons to choose to FlySAA.

Affordable Flights
FlySAA Flights

South African Airways is one of the oldest airlines providing flights in and around South Africa, but they still uphold quality service. Their pricing is fair and affordable and in accordance with the International Air Transport Association’s (IATA) guidelines. The airline is also IATA Operational Safety Audit (IOSA) graded, which means that they provide the utmost safety while staying economical.


If you are a frequent flyer, you probably value punctuality as a delayed flight can mean missing important meetings or life events. Plus, no one likes to be in an airport longer than they should.

You’ll be happy to know that since their re-launch SAA have started to become one of SA's favourite airlines again. They recently annouced new International and Doemstic Routes in a dirve to expand the company.

Friendly Service
Friendly and Professional Service

FlySAA prides itself on providing hospitable and welcoming service to all of their passengers. The airline aims to please with in-flight entertainment and complimentary food and beverages services.

Whether your flight is 1 hour or 10 hours, you can always trust that FlySAA will provide you with the best service.

Cheap South African Airways FlySAA Flights From Johannesburg To Perth

Being one of the busiest and most popular routes in South Africa, you can be assured of finding affordable flights for this route starting at R14999.00 depending on the time of year you make your booking.

Which Day is the Cheapest For Johannesburg to Perth Flights

Flights are cheapest during the week between Monday and Thursday, with mid-week being the cheapest time to fly. Wednesday is the most affordable with flights starting at R14900.

Which Month is the Cheapest JHB to Perth Flights

FlySAA to Perth flights are generally affordable year-round, with the exception of December and January, when prices are higher. The cheapest month to fly is April, during the city’s low season. From March to July, flights are also usually quite affordable.

If you are also looking for a flight from Johannesburg to Perth during this time, the flights are around the same price point.

Popular flights from Johannesburg (Joburg) to Perth

Qatar flights from Johannesburg to Perth From R15499.00
Singapore Airlines flights from Johannesburg to Perth From R17949.00
Emirates flights from Johannesburg to Perth From R19999.00

Navigating Perth Airport

Once your flight touches down in Perth, navigating through Perth Airport becomes your next adventure, and it's easier than you might think. The airport is well-signposted, making navigation straightforward. Follow the signs to the arrivals hall where you'll find a plethora of services, from car rental desks to tourist information booths.

If you're catching a connecting flight, you'll find the transfer desk easily accessible. If you're staying in Perth, there are various transport options available. The public bus service, route 380, is affordable and convenient, taking you straight to the city centre. If you prefer a more private option, taxi ranks and ride-share pick-up points are well-marked.

You won't go hungry or thirsty either. There's a wide variety of eateries, ranging from fast food outlets to sit-down restaurants and coffee shops. For last-minute shopping or if you need to pick up essential items, you'll find a range of stores including duty-free shops and newsagents.

What to Expect in Perth

Having navigated your way through Perth Airport and set foot into the city, you're likely eager to discover what this vibrant destination has in store. Enveloping you is a sense of freedom and openness, characteristic of this laid-back Australian city.

  • Spectacular Beaches: Perth boasts beautiful sandy beaches with clear blue waters. You'll be seduced by the breathtaking coastal views, and the freedom of wide, open spaces. It's the perfect setting for a relaxing day out.
  • Outdoor Adventure: If you're an adventure junkie, Perth won't disappoint. From surfing to hiking, there's a thrill to satisfy your adventurous spirit.
  • Culinary Delights: Perth's food scene is a melting pot of cultures. You can savor delicious cuisine from around the world, right here in the city.
  • Rich History: You can't miss the city's rich history. From the stunning architecture to the Aboriginal art, it's a city that proudly wears its past.

Adjusting to Perth's Time Zone

Adjusting to Perth's time zone might seem daunting at first, but it's an integral part of settling into your new surroundings and embracing the local lifestyle. With Perth being six hours ahead of Johannesburg, it's essential to adapt to this change to maximize your freedom and enjoyment of this vibrant city.

Consider shifting your sleep schedule a few days before your departure. Gradually move your bedtime and waking time closer to those of Perth's local time. It'll make the transition smoother once you've landed. Jet lag can't be avoided entirely, but it can certainly be minimized.

Stay hydrated during your flight. Dehydration can exacerbate the effects of jet lag, so drink plenty of water and avoid alcohol and caffeine. Once you've arrived, try to get some sunlight. It'll help reset your internal body clock.

Best Season To Visit Perth

If you're planning your trip, you'll find that spring (September to November) is often considered the best time to visit Perth, with its mild weather and vibrant wildflower blooms adding a unique charm to the city. Not only is the weather perfect for outdoor activities, but this season also offers a chance to witness the city's flora in its full glory.

  • Spectacular Wildflowers: Perth and its surrounding areas are renowned for their wildflower displays. You'll marvel at the stunning array of colors that blanket the city and countryside.
  • Wine Tours: Spring is also the start of the wine season. You can savor some of Australia's finest wines at Swan Valley or Margaret River.
  • Whale Watching: Between September and November, you're likely to spot humpback and southern right whales migrating along the coast.


What Is the Baggage Allowance on South African Airways Flights From Johannesburg to Perth?

You're probably pondering about baggage allowances, aren't you? Well, it's no secret - for Economy Class, you're allowed 23kg. Anything exceeding this, you'll have to shell out extra. Always pack light, it's freedom in disguise!

Are There Any Direct Flights From Johannesburg to Perth?

Yes, there are direct flights from Johannesburg to Perth. You'll appreciate the convenience and time saved by avoiding layovers. Just ensure you've packed accordingly and prepared for the long haul ahead!

What Is the Average Flight Duration From Johannesburg to Perth?

You're embarking on a journey that feels like forever. The average flight duration from Johannesburg to Perth is approximately 11 hours. However, this can vary depending on the specific flight path and weather conditions.

What Are the Visa Requirements for South Africans Traveling to Perth?

You'll need a visa to enter Australia if you're South African. It's crucial to apply for this well in advance of your travel dates. Requirements may vary, so check the Australian government's official immigration website for details.

Are There Any Specific Health Precautions or Vaccinations Required for Travel From Johannesburg to Perth?

There aren't any specific health precautions or vaccinations required for travel from Johannesburg to Perth. However, it's always wise to be up-to-date with routine vaccines before any international travel.

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