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While SA-Airlines has a focus on delivering travellers with low-cost flights for both domestic and international routes, that is not the only affordable service offered by the site. SA-Airlines also offers a plethora of travel services and products, all designed to make your trip more convenient and cost-effective. When it comes to reliable, valuable travel services to cover those unforeseen events, SA-Airlines comes out number one!

In addition to cheap flight fares, you will find a variety of additional products on offer at SA-Airlines. Some of these include flexi tickets, Visa assistance, and premium services. See an overview of our services below.

Cancellation / Refund Policy

Plans change and that doesn't mean that you should have to suffer! If you need to cancel your trip for any reason, you can, without a penalty. You can get a full refund on your airfare and taxes. When you add the cancellation refund product to your purchase, you can cancel your flight any time up to 48 hours prior to departure. This only applies to international flights.

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The 7 Day Cancellation Refund

Want to book your international flights now, but aren't 100% certain of your travel dates? By adding the 7-day cancellation refund product to your purchase, you can cancel your reservation within 7 days of making the booking and receive a full refund on the airfare and taxes. This is only available on international flights and is only valid for bookings with a departure date more than 14 days away.

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Protection for Delayed & Lost Baggage

Lost baggage can be a serious drag on any trip. When you add the delayed and lost baggage protection product to your purchase, our partner Blue Ribbon Bags, will do their utmost to track your missing luggage and ensure it is returned to you within 96 hours. If we fail to do this, you will receive USD 1000 pay out per missing bag.

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Insurance for International Travel

When traveling between SA and an international destination, travel insurance is essential. We offer travel insurance for travellers under 70 years of age. Insurance products are provided by reputable insurance providers.

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Insurance for Devices

Accidents happen. Devices can be damaged, lost or even stolen while on a trip. With device insurance, your mobile phone, laptop, camera and other devices are covered. Insurance products for devices are provided by Regent Insurance.

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Protection from Airline Closure

Airlines encounter problems and go into liquidation. It's life! Unfortunately, this can negatively impact on travellers. When you add the airline liquidation cover to your purchase, you can get a full refund on your airfare and taxes if the airline shuts down before you have travelled.

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Get a Cancellation Refund for Medical Reasons

Getting sick isn't something that you can plan for. If you fall ill or are hospitalised, or even if you experience the death of a partner, loved one or family member, you can cancel your trip and get a full refund on the airfare and taxes. Simply add the medical cancellation cover to your purchase and you will be covered!

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Rebookable Flights

When you add the rebookable flights product to your purchase, you afford yourself the convenience of being able to change your mind. You can request 1 date change without incurring any penalties as long as the request is submitted more than 24 hours prior to departure. This flexi-ticket allows you to enjoy versatile, flexible travel at its best.

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'Visa Denied' Cover

Many embassies require a return air ticket when applying for a visa. This puts the traveller in a difficult position, especially if the visa is denied. Add Visa Denied cover to your ticket purchase, and get a full refund on the airfare and taxes if your visa is denied. Ticket departures must be 2 weeks after the initial booking date.

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Insurance for Domestic Baggage

Losing baggage on a domestic flight can be costly and inconvenient. Domestic baggage cover provides cover for loss of luggage, trip delays, and trip interruptions. All insurance products are provided by reputable insurance providers.

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The Premium Service

Don't have the time to fine tune the specifics and arrangements for your trip? With Premium Service, a consultant will handle all the details of your trip for you from booking seats, to arranging meals, special arrangements for children and even checking you in online.

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Start your trip today with SA-Airlines and the added insurance of cover for those unexpected moments.