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With its burst onto the low cost carrier scene in South Africa, FlySafair has been an instant hit with consumers. Now, air commuters have come to identify FlySafair with affordable flights to all major domestic hubs in South Africa, including Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg. Their mission is simply to make domestic flying more affordable, accessible and enjoyable to travellers from all walks of life.

Why Choose Flysafair?

flysafair punctuality

Flysafair have been awarded the most puncutal airline in the world as at April 2017

flysafair awards

Flysafair have been named best airline Africa & Indian ocean as at April 2019

flysafair service

With over 50 years in the industry, Safair are committed to service excellence.

This is achieved through cheap FlySafair flights to Durban and beyond. When you book FlySafair airline flights to Durban, you can look forward to travelling in great comfort and enjoy excellent service. Don't settle for anything less than the very best when booking cheap FlySafair flights to Durban, and never pay more than you have to.

Most popular Flysafair flights to Durban include:

  • Flysafair flights from Johannesburg to Durban from R722.00
  • Flysafair flights from Cape Town to Durban from R1122.00
  • Flysafair flights from East London to Durban from R920.00
  • Flysafair flights from Port Elizabeth to Durban from R920.00

Why Should You Book Cheap FlySafair Flights To Durban?

FlySafair doesn't make it difficult to find great specials and deals on flights. In fact, their promotions tend to find you in your inbox and through many other media channels, as they take their aim of offering cheap flights to Durban and beyond to the sky.

If you are still wondering why it's a great idea to book FlySafair flights to Durban, consider the following:

  • You're travelling with an airline that goes beyond the call of duty to provide you with everything you need for a great journey and flight experience, without breaking the bank;
  • You are guaranteed to get to where you're going and back again in style and comfort; and
  • You enjoy access to some of the most competitively priced flights available on the market today, guaranteed

Where Does FlySafair Travel To?

Standing knee-deep in the warm waters of Durban has never been easier, as cheap FlySafair to Durban makes it possible for many South Africans to afford flying to and from KwaZulu-Natal, from all major domestic destinations in South Africa. FlySafair also flies to Johannesburg and Cape Town daily, connecting South Africans to major cities and airports throughout the country

When Is The Best Time To Visit Durban?

Durban has a warm subtropical climate that becomes incredibly humid during the warmer summer months, from November through to February each year. For those who want to skip the warmer months, book your trip between May and August, and you will also miss the rainy season in Durban.

However, Durban is the perfect destination for anyone in search of epic summer thunderstorms. There are also many winter and summer activities sure to keep you thoroughly entertained regardless of what month of the year you decide to visit Durban. Enjoy excellent value for money on your flights to Durban, leaving you with even more spending money to make your trip comfortable and memorable for all the right reasons.

Book Cheap FlySafair Flights To Durban All Year Round

Thanks to FlySafair's leading position in the marketplace, they are also able to keep their rates as competitively low as possible. With an excellent ground staff support network, you can be sure of the best service both in air and on the ground. There is no reason to compromise on quality, comfort and enjoyment in order to enjoy access to affordable flights to and from Durban.

Enjoy the luxurious leg space on FlySafair aircraft, and get more value for money when booking your flights with this world leading carrier. Your commute between Johannesburg and Durban doesn't have to be a drudge anymore. Enjoy tasty snacks mid-air as you enjoy the calm ambience of a FlySafair flight, and arrive refreshed at your destination with time to spare.

Another aspect that sets FlySafair apart from its competitors is that this airline actually places a great emphasis on punctuality. In an industry where it's become the norm to expect delays, FlySafair is fighting back as it contributes to a culture of punctuality in the South African airline industry.

Save with FlySafair Flights To Durban

You can look forward to cheap FlySafair flights to and from Durban throughout the year, and not only at special holidays. They go out of their way to make air travel affordable and accessible to as many South Africans from all walks of life as possible.

We make it easier than ever to book flights with FlySafair. If you are looking for the very best deals available, head to our website. We provide you with a comprehensive comparison of flights from different carriers for the routes you're after. Speak to us to learn more about how we can help you save on all your domestic and international air travel.

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