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Enjoy Comfortable And Affordable FlySAA Flights To Johannesburg

South Africa is proud of the many accolades and accomplishments of its world-class national carrier. South African Airways continues to push innovation in the African aviation industry, providing more Africans with the opportunity to benefit from air travel. Book cheap Fly SAA flights to Johannesburg and explore the heart of Africa.

You don't need to search far and wide for reasons to book FlySAA flights to Johannesburg, or to any of its local, regional and international destinations. Named The Best Airline in Africa 14 years in a row, the team behind our world class airline continues to dedicate themselves to bringing South Africa to the world, and bringing the world to Africa.

Why You Should Book Cheap SAA Flights to Johannesburg

FlySAA airlines connects more people than ever before, thanks to its comprehensive portfolio of routes. Whether you are looking to fly domestically, or travel to leading international hubs, you don't need to look any further than FlySAA. Look forward to comfortable flights centred around your needs as a traveller, and enjoy racking up those Voyager loyalty points along the way.

Keep in mind that cheap doesn't necessarily have to mean inferior. When booking cheap FlySAA flights to Johannesburg, you are in for a complete traveller-centric experience. There are many sign up incentives when you sign up to FlySAA's newsletter, including a 10% off on all pre-order purchases that are delivered to your seat.

You will also travel and dine in style, as your flight is served with delicious cuisine prepared by celebrity South African chefs Benny Masekwameng and Chef Reuben Riffel. To be clear, these are but a few of the many reasons why it makes sense for you to fly with FlySAA airlines to Johannesburg.

Where Does SAA Travel To?

SAA's travel destination list is a crucial part of their passenger offering. They are continually investigating new routes to further complement their offering, and to assess traveller and market sentiment. At present, FlySAA domestic flights are available daily and services South Africa's major cities on its local route network.

These cities and destinations include:

  • Durban & Cape Town
  • Bloemfontein & Kimberly
  • Johannesburg & Cape Town
  • Port Elizabeth, to name only a few

In terms of FlySAA flights between Durban and Cape Town, SAA has a codeshare agreement between its subsidiary Mango Airlines. What this simply means is that FlySAA flights between Cape Town and Durban are administered by Mango Airlines. This doesn't mean you'll forfeit your inflight meal, or any of the great benefits that come along with being a FlySAA passenger. Your boarding pass acts as a meal voucher, so keep that close by during your flight!

Flying Internationally With FlySAA Airlines

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For those looking to fly to international destinations with FlySAA Airlines, you're in luck! SAA flies to over 30 international destinations in 25 countries, including Africa, Europe, Australia, Asia and the Americas.

FlySAA is always working on expanding their destinations list, and to provide their passengers with an expanded direct access route network to choose from. At present, you can fly with direct flights to New York City, Dublin and Beijing, with more in the pipeline. Their dedication to becoming your all in one go-to domestic and international carrier is clearly evident in all they do.

With more exciting routes in the pipeline, FlySAA remains a leading airline in Africa when it comes to its global reach. There are two daily flights from South Africa to the United States, and FlySAA is the only carrier offering directly flights from Johannesburg to New York City in South Africa at present.

Aside from this direct flight route to New York City, FlySAA also offers direct flights to Washington Dulles Airport from Johannesburg daily, on their new Airbus A340-600. Just one more reason why it pays to book cheap Fly SAA flights with South African airways. Look forward to a comfortable journey and a great start to your day when you land at your destination.

Book Cheap Flights To Johannesburg And Enjoy An Exciting Getaway

There is no reason why you need to be paying more for your flights than necessary. Look forward to having more spending money on your trip when booking cheap Fly SAA flights to Johannesburg, and getting more value for money.

With daily flights connecting millions of South Africans every year, it's never been easier to book cheap and affordable flights throughout South Africa.

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