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If you’re looking for flights from East London to Johannesburg, you’ve landed on the right page. Here at SA Airlines, we have a ton of flight options to choose from to start your Joburg visit.

You can book your cheap flight to the City of Gold using our simple booking system. It sorts through flights from the country’s most trusted airlines and only shows you the best deals. These include Mango Airlines, Kulula, FlySafair, South Africa Airways, and more.

Why Visit Johannesburg?

Consistently one of Africa’s most visited cities, Johannesburg – or Jozi as it’s known – has a lot to offer anyone visiting. From art to attractions, thrilling adventures, and vibrant city life, Joburg has it all.

Here are some of the treasures you can expect to find hidden in the “City of Gold”.

cheap flights to johannesburg Malls

Johannesburg is a shopping mecca in comparison to East London; it’s dotted with malls in every corner of the city. From chic and luxurious Sandton City, massive Mall of Africa, or inexpensive Oriental Plaza – there’s a mall for everyone.

Find different cafes and restaurants, each offering something different. Or go in search of your favourite local and international fashion brands; you’re very likely to find them.

cheap flights east london to johannesburg

Maboneng is a vibrant and urban neighbourhood that you just can’t miss on your visit to Joburg. It features a booming art and food scene that draws in hordes of visitors monthly. The famous Arts on Main showcases the best of Jozi’s culinary and art scenes, all in one place.

There are art galleries, museums, restaurants, and lively rooftop bars offering great views of the landscape and more.

cheap flights from east london to johannesburg
Museums and Arts Galore

Johannesburg is a history and art hub that displays South Africa’s past and artistic talents with numerous museums and art showcases. Visit The Origins Centre, Apartheid Museum, or Constitution Hill to learn about early humanity and South Africa’s history.

If looking for something a little lighter, visit Stevenson, Agog and other galleries to view eye-pleasing art. The Market Theatre is perfect if you’re interested in the performing arts.

Flight Prices From East London To Johannesburg

Kulula From R529.00
Mango From R599.00
Flysafair From R570.00
British Airways From R523.00

* Please note that the prices are subject to availability and block out dates do apply over peak season.

Why Book East London To Johannesburg Flights With Us

Booking with SA Airlines saves you hours of visiting several flight carriers’ websites looking for the best deal. Just add your date and desired destination, be it OR Tambo or Lanseria Airport, and sit back and watch the magic unfold. You don’t even need to step foot into a travel agency.

You’ll get results at your fingertips showing you the cheapest flights from East London to Johannesburg. Select your preferred flight, and with just a few more steps you’ll have secured a seat on a great flight.

What to Expect from Flights From East London To JHB

A flight from East London to Johannesburg typically lasts around one hour and thirty minutes, depending mostly on weather conditions. This is perfect for business people looking to travel between East London and Joburg in one day.

You’re guaranteed great quality service from any of the airlines, regardless of whether you choose Airlink, British Airways or others. In addition to their amazing attendants, you can enjoy refreshing snacks and drinks for a satisfying ride. Ensuring you won’t just have a boring two-hour flight.

When is the Best Time to Visit Johannesburg

While lacking in the coastlines that draw people to Durban and Cape Town, Joburg is still a popular summer destination. So, depending on what you’re looking for during your visit to the City of Gold, this answer differs.

If you want to experience the city and its people’s buzzing personalities in full, then visit during summer. This means you’ll start looking at flights to Joburg between December and February, which is peak season.

Looking to avoid the crowds? Visit during winter and autumn between March and August. During this time, the city is clearer and you don’t have to worry about finding most places filled to the brim.

Best Time to Book a Flight from East London to Johannesburg

If you’re wondering when is the best time to fly to Joburg, find your answer right here. Much like visiting, the best time to get cheap flights to JHB is during the quiet season. Plus, accommodation prices are lower during this period.

To maximise your savings, it’s best to book a flight nearly a week before departure, targeting midday or evening rides. Further, flights are cheapest on average during midweek, with the best day being Tuesday.

The cheapest carriers? Flying with British Airways or FlySafair from East London to Johannesburg is, on average, the cheapest option.

Top Things to See and Do in Johannesburg

Joburg owes its acclaim as an amazing travel destination to its various attractions, activities and adventures. Apart from the three top attractions above, here are some other things to include in your Johannesburg itinerary:

  • View Mandela’s House Museum
  • Visit Mandela Square and its iconic gigantic statue
  • The UNESCO world heritage site “The Cradle of Humankind”
  • Go on a hop-off, hop-on sightseeing Red Bus tour
  • Visit thrilling Gold Reef City
  • Have family fun at Bounce’s trampoline park
  • Get your blood pumping at the Orlando Towers, most famous for bungee jumping
  • Johannesburg Botanical Gardens to see amazing flora
  • Johannesburg Zoo to see hundreds of animals

Interesting Facts About Johannesburg

Joburg is a fascinating city and here are some facts that make it so amazing:

  • It features the largest man-made forest in the world, with approximately six million trees
  • It’s the country’s largest city, as well as the second-largest in Africa behind Cairo
  • It’s one of the youngest major global cities, having been founded in 1886 thanks to a gold rush
  • The Cradle of Humankind has fossils as old as 5-million years
  • Sitting at 2000m above sea level, your egg will take a minute longer to boil than in coastal cities like Cape Town

Book a Flight From East London To Johannesburg Now

Thanks to our flight booking search engine, booking cheap flights from East London to Joburg takes just a few clicks. With tons of options from several carriers on offer, you’ll find the perfect deal for you.

While in Jozi, you’ll be spoiled with numerous fun activities and attractions that make the visit worthwhile. To get started, book your affordable flights with trusted carriers like Mango Airlines, Kulula and more right now!

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