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Cape Town has risen to become one of South Africa's premier holiday and business destinations. It pulls off this impressive feat by having a vibrant sector for each type of visitor. Business travellers are catered for with comfortable yet practical business solutions such as affordable travel, accommodation and fast Internet, making it easy to take care of business while visiting the city.

Tourists have more accommodation, flights, travel and leisure options than they'll ever need in a single trip, so they feel welcomed too. With affordable Mango flights to Cape Town from all of South Africa's major metropoles, it's never been easier to book cheap flights to the Mother City.

Here, you can look forward to enjoying the Cape Town buzz as blue seas lap lazily at sandy beaches, and you can enjoy sundowners at any of the premier spots along the Cape Town coast. The city remains a favourite destination for travellers in search of an escape of the daily grind that inevitably accompanies daily life.

Why You Should Book Cheap Mango Flights to Cape Town

Voted South Africa's top tourist destination for many years in a row, Cape Town continues to offer something for everyone. For those in search of a mini break away from the pressures of daily life, cheap Mango flights to Cape Town make it easy to afford a trip to a beloved South African institution.

As a renowned world class city, Cape Town continues to attract travellers not only locally but from all over the world. It is one of the few cities in the world that allows you to enjoy the best seafood and new world wines, all in one city, along with lush mountains and unlimited sandy coastlines.

With so many reasons to book your Mango Airlines flights to Cape Town, do you need any more? If you do, we have them:

  • You're a mere flight away from standing in one of the world's 7 Wonders’ shadow, Table Mountain is waiting
  • Experience South Africa's living history in places like Robben Island and the Iziko South African Museum
  • Visit The Telegraph's "Best City In The World"

Where Does Mango Airlines Travel To?

Aside from connecting you to the Mother City from just about any domestic and international airport in South Africa, Mango Airlines also offers daily flights to and from Johannesburg, Durban, Port Elizabeth, Bloemfontein and many of South Africa's major metropoles. For those looking for Mango flights from Bloemfontein to Cape Town, these depart every day except on Saturdays.

Since 2011, you can also fly Mango flights to Lanseria. With three daily flights from Lanseria to Cape Town, Mango is also fulfilling a much-needed demand for affordable flights to and from a leading Johannesburg private airport servicing the city's northern suburbs.

When Is The Best Time To Visit Cape Town?

Cape Town basically invented the laidback holiday town vibe, with its appealing Mediterranean weather pattern allowing for dry, hot summer days from November to February. It also saw fit to provide residents and revellers with a cool Atlantic Ocean to relieve the heat.

If you want to give the humidity and heat a miss, mild winters with intermittent rain can be enjoyed from May to August. This makes for a perfect setting of toasty braais and roaring fireplaces. So book your stay in Cape Town any time of the year that appeals to you with cheap Mango flights to Cape Town throughout the year.

Did You Know The Following About Cape Town?

  • Table Mountain is a popular wedding venue! There are ceremonies on top of the mountain every month of the year
  • There are more plant species in Table Mountain National Park than in the British Isles or New Zealand
  • The New York Times in 2014 listed Cape Town as the best place in the world

The Mother City offers every tourist the ultimate experience thanks to its varied attractions, world class hospitality sector and a clean, well run city. Book cheap Mango flights to Cape Town any time of the year, and you are sure to find the city in one of its many shades of charm.

Book Cheap Flights To Cape Town And Enjoy An Exciting Getaway

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