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Head on over to Nigeria’s artistic capital and largest city for a face-to-face encounter with its infamous luxury beach resorts and vibrant, over-the-top nightlife. Sound good to you? Well, you are in luck as we are here to help you find cheap flights to Lagos so that you can maximise your spending money and really make the most of the experience.

Stop by the Lekki Conservation Centre and relish the views of monkeys, crocodiles, snakes and various birds as you walk across the extensive raised walkways. Make your way to Tarkwa Bay Beach (only accessible by boat or water taxis) for a spot of surfing, or spend a day lounging in the warm Nigerian sunshine.

No matter what you plan to do once you get there, our handy flight comparison tool will aid you in finding the cheapest flights from South Africa to Lagos, Nigeria in a flash.

Popular Cheap Flights to Lagos routes and prices

Flights from Cape Town to Lagos

From R8300.00
Flights from Johannesburg to Lagos From R5600.00
Flights from Durban to Lagos From R8400.00

* NB: Prices correct at time of publication are subject to availability, and block out dates apply over peak season.

Flight Times to Lagos

Unfortunately, it is not always possible to get a direct flight to Lagos from certain parts of South Africa, so flight times will depend heavily on your stopovers. Having said that, the following flight times are what you can expect on average:

Cape Town to Lagos: Average flight time 12 – 14 hours with two stops.

Johannesburg to Lagos: Average flight time 8h30 to 12 hours on one stop.

Durban to Lagos: Average flight time 9h20 to 12 hours with one stop.

How to get around in Lagos

When booking cheap flights to Lagos, you will land at Murtala Muhammed International Airport (LOS). The airport is a 30-minute drive from the centre of the city. However, public transport in Nigeria is rather limited. You will need to either take a taxi, call an Uber or hire a car to get to your destination upon your arrival in the city.

There is a Lagos Airport Bus which transports tourists into the city centre; however, it is not recommended for travellers to take this bus unless they are already familiar with the area – especially at certain times of the day/night.

The best way to get around is to book a driver or hire a car with a driver, particularly if you intend to visit all the best tourist spots in the city. If you are feeling adventurous, you can always try one of the bright yellow tuk-tuks that you will find all over the city.

Best Time to Visit Lagos?

The best time to book your flights to Nigeria, and Lagos in particular, will depend on what type of experience you seek.

If you plan to spend most of your time on the beach, then it is definitely worthwhile planning your visit in the summertime. Nigeria’s hot season begins in November and extends right through to April the following year.

If you’re keen to explore the city and engage in all the activities on offer, it would be better to visit Lagos when the weather is cooler. Good news, though. The temperatures even during wintertime allow for plenty of beach life! The most comfortable months weather-wise are between June – October.

Lagos is also home to a number of exciting events. That isn’t surprising considering the fact that it is hailed for being Nigeria’s artistic capital. The biggest and best events tend to take place in March, October and November and include art and music festivals, fashion exhibitions and more.

How is the Weather in Lagos?

Lagos can get extremely hot and humid during spring, summertime and even well into the autumn months. The hottest months are February and March each year, where the average high temperature is 33 degrees Celsius.

Lagos also experiences a warm winter with temperatures being what most countries would experience in the depths of summer! The ‘coldest’ months are July and August, but temperatures rarely fall below 28 degrees Celsius during the day and 22 degrees Celsius at night.

What to See and Do in Lagos

The top things to add to your itinerary when in Lagos include:

  • Lekki Conservation Centre
  • Tarkwa Bay Beach
  • Lekki Market
  • Freedom Park
  • Ikeja City Mall
  • LUFASI Nature Park
  • The Cathedral Church of Christ
  • Synagogue Church of All Nations
  • Kalakuta Republic Museum
  • Elegushi Beach
A few Facts about Lagos

Whether you intend to book flights from Johannesburg to Lagos, Cape Town to Lagos or Durban to Lagos, you will undoubtedly be excited about your upcoming trip. Here are some interesting facts to familiarise yourself with before boarding the plane:

  • Lagos is the sixth-largest city in the world by city population
  • The city is home to the tallest building in West Africa, NECOM house towers, which extends 160m above the city.
  • Lagos is responsible for taking care of 80% of Nigeria’s imports
  • Lagos is the city with the third-highest number of millionaires in Africa
  • Lagos was called Eko by locals before colonisation took place.
A Few Tips for Lagos

The local currency is Naira which you can get at any one of the ATMs in the city. Don’t succumb to the exorbitant rate of exchange and commissions at the airport. Most establishments accept US Dollars as well.

You will need a visa to visit Nigeria, which can be a little costly, and rather time consuming. There’s a lot of paperwork and red tape, but most visa agencies will guide you through the process with ease.

If you choose to use Uber, you will find yourself paying around R75 - R145 for the average trip – depending of course on the distance, but hotels are expensive (try Airbnb).

Seafood is popular in Lagos, and it can be expensive in the city. Head out into the more rural areas or off the beaten tourist route you will find meals affordable – around R180 for a substantial meal of hearty stew and jollof rice (local favourites).

Shopping for arts and crafts is best done at the bustling markets where you can negotiate and bargain to your heart’s content.

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