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If you’re in search of the cheapest flights from Cape Town to Durban, you’ve come to the right place! Here you’ll find affordable flights from the Mother City to Durbs, offered by the country’s best low-cost airlines.

The carriers offering cheap domestic tickets include Kulula Airlines, Mango Airlines, South African Airways, Flysafair and SA Express. Read further to ensure that you know all about flights from Cape Town to Durban and the fun that awaits you down there.

Why Visit Durban?

Booking a flight to Durban means you’re for a splendid holiday. The vibrant city is home to a number of attractions and activities that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Here are a couple of reasons to visit Durban.

Stunning Coastlines
Stunning Coastlines

From the famous Golden Mile beach to South beach - Durban has incredible coastlines for sunbathing and surfing. With there being so many beaches, visitors are spoiled for choice when choosing which one to visit.

Moses Mabhida Stadium
Moses Mabhida Stadium

The world-renowned stadium offers visitors a number of fun activities. This includes the Big Rush Big Swing, helicopter tours, People’s Park, Skycar and a guided stadium tour on a Segway.

Other Attractions
Other Attractions

Durban boasts a variety of attractions, including museums, art galleries and magnificent sand art. There are also attractions such as uShaka Marine World, which features many slides and pools and is home to the largest aquarium in Africa.

Why You Should Find Cheap Cape Town to Durban Flights

Finding cheap flights from CPT to Durban is very easy and quick when you use our website. SA Airlines makes the stress of visiting each and every airline’s site to compare prices a thing of the past.

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The Flight to Durban from Cape Town

A flight from Cape Town to Durban starts from Cape Town International Airport and ends at King Shaka Airport. The time it takes to get to Durban depends on flight routes, the weather and your choice of airline.

However, you can expect a flight to Durban from Cape Town to last around an hour and fifty-five minutes. This is great if you’re travelling for work because you can travel to and from Durban in one day.

Domestic flight carriers are trusted and used by many travellers thanks to the amenities that flyers are provided with during their flights. This includes onboard catering, snacks, magazines and other flight entertainment services. This ensures your two hours of flying will not be a bore at all!

When is the Best Time to Visit Durban

Durban is famous for its coastline, making it a premier destination during the summer and spring. With that being the case, the summer or spring months may not be the best time to visit sunny Durban. Especially if you want to avoid the crowds and don’t want to run into everybody and their grandma.

The best time to visit the city is during the winter and autumn seasons, which is between April and September. During that period, the weather is cooler, less rainy and is perfectly temperate. This also means the ocean, arguably Durban’s most popular attraction, is less crowded and perfect to visit.

If you’re more interested in indoorsy fun like visiting art galleries and enjoying authentic Durban cuisine, then book your flight to Durban between October and March. The period is the rainiest time in Durban.

Top Things to See and Do in Durban

Durban’s reputation as a vibrant city is due to several attractions that can be enjoyed by all travellers. While the coastline is undoubtedly a strong drawcard, there are other things that guarantee a fun visit, including:

  • WavePark at Umhlanga, a water park perfect for families with kids
  • The KZNSA gallery, perfect for art lovers and has a cafe inside the gallery
  • Feel like a giant at Mini Town, a miniature city that’s a replica of Durban
  • Walk under the magnificent Whalebone Pier in Umhlanga
  • Tour Durban for three hours on the top deck of a Ricksha bus
  • Explore Durban’s hidden food spots with traditional Zulu, Indian and authentic Durban food on offer
  • Durban Botanical Gardens

Interesting Facts About Durban

While visiting the city, here are some facts that may surprise and inspire you:

  • It is home to the busiest port in Africa and has the 9th biggest harbour in the world
  • It’s home to Gateway Shopping Centre, which is the biggest mall in Africa
  • It got its name from a governor of the Cape colony, Benjamin D’Urban in 1835
  • CNN named it South Africa’s best-kept city secret
  • The Bunny Chow (a hollowed loaf of bread full of curry) is synonymous with Durban

Best Time to Book Cheap Flights to Durban from Cape Town

If you’re wondering when the best time to book the cheapest flights from Cape Town to Durban is, your answer’s right here. Our experience processing flights for tons of people means we’re now aware of the best times to get an affordable flight, by day and month.

The cheapest time of day to book a flight on average is during midday, which saves you on average around 4%. Flights to Durban from Cape Town are cheaper between May and July, as demand is normally lower during this time.

Midweek between Tuesdays and Thursday are on average the cheapest days to book a flight. Kulula and FlySaFair flights to Durban are generally the cheapest options available to you.

Need to know how far in advance you need to book to save the most cash? Booking a seat four days before the flight saves you the most amount of money. The high seasons are between November and January, and on weekends.

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So, if you’re ready to start your trip to lively Durban, book a cheap flight with us right now!

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