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SAA (South African Airways) is South Africa’s proud, state-owned flagship carrier and is celebrated for offering some of the cheapest flight specials in the country. Whether you are flying to Durban, Johannesburg, Cape Town, East London, Dubai, New York, or anywhere in between, you can be sure that SAA flight specials will never disappoint.

Why fly SAA?

South African Airways is known to put the safety and comfort of its passengers above all else, all the while offering affordability and convenience when flying both domestically and abroad. Furthermore, SAA is a member of the prestigious Star Alliance Group and has been for well over 10 years.

Star Alliance is dedicated to providing travellers with a host of amazing travel benefits, including round the world fares, regional fares, and joint corporate agreements.

South African Airways is the proud owner of the first and second position for South Africa’s most timeous airlines, alongside its partner airline, Mango.

SAA is all about helping to ensure that your flight is enjoyable and as stress-free as it can be, hence the recent introduction of their all-new Mobile Boarding Pass. This pass brings travellers numerous advantages, including halving the time that it takes you to board your flight. Simply download your boarding pass and save it on your cell phone. Be ready to present it once you reach the departure gate. Simple, easy, effective.

No more complaining about sub-par aeroplane food. When you dine with SAA, you dine in style. SAA is one of the only local airlines that is able to boast food and recipes created, and oftentimes, prepared by some of the country’s best-loved celebrity chefs. These chefs include Reuben Riffel and Benny Masekwameng.

Finally, SAA is well-known for offering its flyers a large variety of different in-flight entertainment options, making the effort to constantly update its selection as new titles are released. Enjoy!

Popular SAA flights and routes

The most popular SAA flights and routes are as follows, along with what to expect from current SAA specials in 2020.

  • Johannesburg to Durban: R859 for a one-way flight, R1 718 for a return ticket.
  • Durban to Cape Town: R1 499 for a one-way flight, R2 878 for a return ticket.
  • East London to Johannesburg: R1 089 for a one-way flight, R2 178 for a return ticket.
  • Johannesburg to Cape Town: R1 199 for a one-way flight, R2 398 for a return ticket.
  • Cape Town to Johannesburg: R1 199 for a one-way flight, R2 398 for a return ticket.
  • While SAA is undoubtedly the go-to airline for domestic flights in South Africa, it is also a leading international airline, flying to a wide array of sought-after international destinations. Some of these destinations are as follows:

    • Johannesburg to Accra: R9 779 for a return flight with 0 stop overs either way.
    • Cape Town to Lagos: R7 529 for a return flight with 1 stop overs each way.
    • East London to Dubai: R11 689 for a return flight with 2 stop overs each way.
    • Durban to Hong Kong: R15 469 for a return flight with 2 stop overs each way.
    • Johannesburg to London: R11 919 for a return flight with 0 stop overs either way.
    • Cape Town to New York: R16 209 for a return flight with 1 stop over each way.
    • Booking SAA flight specials via SA Airlines

      The SA Airlines convenient flight comparison and flight booking tool is an invaluable resource when it comes to booking the cheapest SAA flight and other SA Airlines specials currently on offer.

      The tool is extremely simple to use

      Simply share with us which airport you are travelling from and which airport you are travelling to, along with your preferred travel dates and how many passengers will be joining you. You will then be offered various flight options.

      If you are interested in taking advantage of SAA specials specifically, you can introduce a filter by clicking on the ‘show filters’ button on the top left-hand corner. Scroll down to ‘Airline’ and tick the South African Airways box. You will then be shown the most relevant SAA flights and specials organised from the lowest to the highest price.

      When you are happy with your chosen SAA flight specials and you are ready to book your flights, click on ‘Book this flight’ to proceed. Enter your personal information, select your preferred seats, and read through the terms and conditions before making payment and looking forward to your holiday!

      It’s always time to take full advantage of SAA flight specials. Remember – the earlier you book, the bigger your savings will be.