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Kalula Airlines, more correctly known as Kulula Airlines, but frequently searched for as Kalula, and even as Khulula, is arguably the South African Airline with the best sense of brand humour.

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Why Choose Kulula Airlines?

kulula airlines affordability

Kulula Airlines are one of South Africa's best priced airlines offering some excellent prices on flights

mango airlines services

Kulula flights always come with a smile and some renowned humour. Service is a priority on board Khulula

kulula airlines innovation

Kulula now flies state of the art Boeing 737-800’s which are built to ensure passenger safety and comfort

Kulula Flight Prices and Times

Departure Airport Destination Airport Airline Price Flight Time
Lanseria Durban Kulula R403.83 1.1h
Durban Lanseria Kulula R421.11 1.1h
Durban Johannesburg (OR Tambo) Kulula R478.61 1.05h
Johannesburg (OR Tambo) Durban Kulula R411.11 1.05h
Johannesburg Cape Town Kulula R490.11 2.1h
Cape Town Johannesburg Kulula R662.61 2.1h
Lanseria Cape Town Kulula R575.16 2.05h
Cape Town Lanseria Kulula R579.61 2.05h
Durban Cape Town Kulula R674.11 2.1h
Cape Town Durban Kulula R674.11 2.1h
Johannesburg George Kulula R697.11 1.55h
East London Johannesburg Kulula R513.11 1.3h

Popular Kulula Flights Routes

Kulula operates on the following South African flight routes:

Kulula flights from Lanseria to Durban R403.83
Kulula flights from Johannesburg to Cape Town R490.11
Kulula flights from Johannesburg to Durban R411.11
Kulula flights from Durban to Lanseria R421.11
Kulula flights from Durban to Johannesburg from R478.61
Kulula flights from Cape Town to Johannesburg R662.61
Kulula flights from Cape Town to Lanseria R579.61
Kulula flights from Johannesburg to George R697.11
Kulula flights from Cape Town to Durban R674.11
Kulula flights from East London to Johannesburg R513.11
Kulula flights from Lanseria to Cape Town R575.16

About the airline

Kalula is a low cost South African carrier headquartered in Johannesburg, Gauteng. As a subsidiary of British Airways Franchisee ComAir, the airline has been operating domestic flights in South Africa for over a decade.

Given the extreme competition new airlines face from state owned South African Airways and its low cost subsidiary, FlyMango Airlines, this is no mean feat.

Boasting a fleet of 12 super green Boeing 737 aircraft, the brand has become an unmistakable and well loved fixture in the skies of South Africa.

About the Kalula brand

The word "kulula" means easy in Xhosa and Zulu, and is central to the airline's mission: making travel as cheap and easy as possible.

From their in-flight announcements to their advertising campaigns and brand identity, the Kalula brand positioning is distinctly tongue in cheek. A recent iteration of the airline's livery featured the phrase, "The Most South African Airways", taking a very amusing swipe at the country's flag carrier airline, SAA.

SAA was not impressed, laying a complaint against Kalula with the SA Advertising Standards Authority. But by July 2013 a ruling was passed that Kalula had, in fact, not breached the ASA's Code of Good Practice. While there was a potential legal risk associated with such a campaign, the free publicity generated around it no doubt paid off handsomely for Kalula.

This approach, combined with highly amusing and frequently combative advertising campaigns, has helped the airline establish itself as a consumer champion brand.

You can get a taste of the airline's in-flight humour below:

The in-flight experience

High safety standards, super low fares and a very cheeky approach to in-flight service delivery are all things that can be expected during your next Kalula flight.

Audio-visual entertainment is provided on-board, and you'll also receive a complimentary copy of Khuluma (not Kuluma!), the in-flight magazine.

Refreshments and Woolworths pre-packed snacks can be purchased on-board; free standard catering is not provided to help keep running costs and Kalula flight prices down to an absolute minimum. The airline's craft feature a space efficient 2 / 3 / 2 seat layout.

Kalula's destinations

Kalula presently flies to most of SA's major airports, including cities such as PE, Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban, George, East London, as well as international destinations such as Zimbabwe, Mauritius, Zambia and Namibia.

Booking your flights online

Getting the cheapest Kalula tickets online is easy, thanks to SA Airlines. Simply complete the above airfare search form to compare Kalula's prices to those of the other South African airlines, or dial 0861 585 852 to speak to a Kalula flight booking agent instead.

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Kulula Airlines
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