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You can find flight specials advertised everywhere these days. But often, by the time get around to booking, the few seats that were available are already gone. Cheap flight bookings can be disappointing when you can't get them, and chances are good you won't - unless you're taking advantage of SA Airlines international flight specials!

In fact, if you're dealing with traditional travel agencies and sometimes even directly with the airline, finding affordable flight specials is quite rare. At SA Airlines, we bring the latest domestic and international flight specials direct to you.

Flight Specials

Durban - Johannesburg from R399

Prices may vary according to demand

Durban - Cape Town from R579

Prices may vary according to demand

Johannesburg - Durban from R399

Prices may vary according to demand

SA Airlines Finds the Best Flight Specials with all your Favourite Airlines

You can find flight specials with the likes of in just a few clicks, you can be well on your way to the destination of your choice aboard one of your favourite airlines. By using our powerful search engine and optional filter, you can browse for flights on airlines such as SAA, SA Airlink, Mango, Kulula, British Airways, Qatar, and Cathay Pacific, to name a few. Whether you are travelling for work or pleasure, you are sure to find something special, just for you.

With the money you save, you can plan an even more memorable trip. Imagine being able to afford to see those extra places of interest and attractions, with dinner to boot! That's just a small part of what you can do with the cash you save on flight specials with SA Airlines.

Students (between the ages of 20 and 35), can find great student flight specials to help save big on the next trip.

For island hoppers and beach-dwellers, we have a variety of fantastic beach break specials. Book cheap flights to the likes of Thailand, Bali, Mauritius, and Zanzibar.

Perhaps, like many eager travellers you let your mind run riot over lengthy bucket lists of dream holidays and activities that you want to get involved in. For some, it's a walk through some of the world's most ancient forests and temples. Or the yearning to discover the undersea life in beautiful exotic destinations. For others, it's simply to get a taste of the traditional dishes of locals in some of the strangest countries.

Don't let the worry of expensive flights stop you from doing the things you dream of. And there's no reason why you should when there's a wealth of regular flight specials available through SA Airlines online.

Cheap Flight Specials Make Those Dream Destinations a Reality

Cheap flight specials and the best holiday packages at SA Airlines will put you in a position to book the holiday you want, today. Why waste years saving up those air miles to make the flight of your imagination a reality, when you can travel and explore the world, one low cost domestic or international flight special at a time.

Domestic Flight Specials

If your heart and your feet are firmly rooted in South Africa, you will find many domestic flight specials that will help you to explore our beautiful country. Check out the popular cities of Durban, Johannesburg, or Cape Town. Perhaps you prefer to visit more rustic destinations such as the Drakensberg Mountains, Kruger National Park, Port Elizabeth or even George.

Just Some Of Our Popular Domestic Flight Special Routes:

  • Johannesburg to Cape Town (Starting from R589)
  • Lanseria to Durban (Starting from R399)
  • Durban to Johannesburg (Starting from R399)
  • Cape Town to Port Elizabeth (Starting from R749)

Most of the leading SA airlines such as Kulula, Mango, British Airways, Qatar, SAA, SafAir and others offer domestic flight specials to these destinations and many others.

* All prices (quoted on 1-way travel) are correct at time of publication. Prices can change without notice due to demand.

SA Airlines International Flight Specials

For the Globetrotters, the world with SA Airlines is as they say 'your oyster'. Choose a fantastic destination that tickles your travel fancy and get exploring. Travel to Paris, London, Italy, or even Mexico. Go where your heart desires. Check out our many specials, book online then get packing!

It's important to note that flight specials do change from time to time and that demand for the great offers can result in certain fares and specials being unavailable without notice. We suggest that you book flight specials as soon as you see them advertised to avoid missing out.

Use our flight search feature to compare airlines and book flight specials to the destination of your choice within minutes.

You will find popular international flight specials on British Airways, SAA, Qatar and other leading airlines are available departing from Cape Town, Johannesburg or Durban, to:

  • London
  • Paris
  • Dublin
  • Tel Aviv
  • Bangkok
  • Mauritius
Choose your flight special and your airline

When you search and compare flight specials with SA Airlines, you will find that there are both international flight specials and domestic flight specials to consider.


Find the best deals on some of the world's favourite airlines which include the likes of British Airways, Qatar, Malaysia Airlines, SAA, Cathay Pacific, Emirates Airlines, Lufthansa and Singapore Airlines. Use our simple flight search feature to browse and compare the lowest rates. You can also securely book and pay for your flight…all in one place!


If you would like to book domestic flight specials, there are a few low-cost airlines that you can find discounted rates with. These include Airlink, Kulula, FlySafair, Mango and FastJet (coming soon). With these airlines, you can get to where you need to be in South Africa, for a minimal amount of money.

Looking for More than just Flight Specials?

Booking cheap flights or using our search engine to browse the best flight specials may be your primary purpose for visiting SA Airlines, but don’t miss out on our additional services. These services can make your trip that much more enjoyable:

  • Car rental bookings
  • Accommodation bookings
  • Live updates on SAA flight status
  • Tired of paying high prices for your trips and holidays? Find cheap SA Airlines international and domestic flight specials right here at SA Airlines. Finally, a flight comparison website that really works for you!

Flight Specials | South African Airlines

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