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Walvis Bay, Namibia, is a wonderful destination with a breathtaking natural landscape. This coastal city boasts an abundance of marine life in its harbour and lagoons - perfect for sightseeing. You can also explore its magnificent rolling sand dunes on your desert escape.

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Why Visit Walvis Bay?

There are plenty of reasons to visit Walvis Bay, thanks to the incredible attractions and atmosphere of this coastal destination. Below are some of the major draws of this laid back town.

Walvis Bay Lagoon
Walvis Bay Lagoon

Walvis Bay Lagoon is a magnificent wetland brimming with birdlife - over 150 000 birds! You’ll see flamingos in their thousands here, not to mention the abundance of other migrant water birds, pelicans, and countless other species. This is Namibia’s oldest lagoon and a must-see on your trip to Walvis Bay. Bird-watchers will have a blast spotting the variety of species on the water.

Namibian Desert
Namibian Desert

If it’s stunning landscape snapshots you’re after, Walvis Bay has got you covered. The majestic desert dunes run straight into the ocean, and this coastal town looks like something out of a mirage when hit by the Namibian sunshine. You can book an off-road safari or take to the dunes on your own 4X4 for an unforgettable desert adventure.

Epic Whale-watching
Epic Whale-watching

What would a trip to Whale Bay be without a spot of whale-watching? You’ll be able to spot humpback whales all year round in Walvis Bay, and all it takes is a tour around the gorgeous harbour.

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Flights from Johannesburg to Walvis Bay, or From Cape Town to Walvis Bay

Flights from Johannesburg to Walvis Bay

Thankfully, the flights to Walvis Bay from Johannesburg (and vice versa) are low-effort and quick. It takes a mere two hours and ten minutes to get there from Joburg, which means you’ll have loads of energy to explore once you land in this cool Namibian town. Capetonians, don’t worry, the flights from Cape Town to Walvis Bay are just as short.

While you’re on board, you can expect a smooth and well-serviced flight from any of our reputable carriers. During your trip, you can depend on the airline staff to provide you with tasty snacks. Or you can peruse the in-flight magazines while you’re in the air.

When is the Best Time to Visit Walvis Bay?

Walvis Bay can get incredibly humid, so it’s good to understand what to expect before deciding on your travel dates. January, February, and March see hot temperatures (around 20-25 °C on average) and intense humidity, and it gets particularly balmy around February. The weather is much more pleasant in December when the air is cooler and the rainy season hasn’t yet begun.

June is the wettest month, so be sure to avoid travelling then if you’re averse to rain. May is the sunniest month when you’ll see bright, sunny days and have ideal weather for touring the harbour.

Things to See and Do in Walvis Bay

Things to See and Do in Walvis Bay

There are plenty of activities and attractions to keep you entertained while you’re in Walvis Bay. To help you plan a jam-packed itinerary, here are some excellent ideas for a fun way to spend time in the town.

  • Sandwich Harbour
  • Port of Walvis Bay
  • Walvis Bay Museum
  • Kayaking and canoeing on the harbour
  • Day trip to Swakopmund
  • Dolphin and whale watching
  • Off-road safaris
  • Salt Works
  • Walvis Bay Lagoon
  • Bird Island
  • Dune 7

Interesting Facts about Walvis Bay

Before you depart for Walvis Bay, you may want to read some general knowledge about the destination. Here are some facts about Walvis Bay you may not know.

  • Walvis Bay is also called 'Walfischbucht' in German
  • Walvis Bay is also known as Walfisch Bay and Walvisbaai
  • Walvis Bay is the only natural harbour on the Namibian coastline
  • Walvis Bay was claimed as European territory during the 15th century after Bartholomeu Dias ‘discovered’ it in 1487
  • Walvis Bay was incorporated into the Cape Colony in 1878
  • Walvis Bay lies along the Atlantic Ocean
  • Walvis Bay is Namibia’s most important port, receiving over 3000 vessels each year
  • South Africa retained Walvis Bay even after Namibia’s independence in 1990

Book Cheap Flights to Walvis Bay

Book Cheap Flights to Walvis Bay

Whether you’re frolicking in the sand dunes or lounging on a catamaran, Walvis Bay is a fantastic location for the outdoorsy folk out there. We can help you find cheap flights without any hassle, comparing different dates, prices, and airlines with ease.