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These are some of the lowest prices you can expect to find in 2023 when looking for flights to local or international places. But don’t worry, if you are looking to save money, this page will be updated with all the Black Friday flight specials as soon as they land.

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Cheap Black Friday Flights 2023

Looking for a cheap flight? Well, forget Travel Tuesday – Black Fly-day (Black Friday sale for flights) is THE day to get the best specials on domestic and international flights!

Every last Friday in November each year, we’ll be bringing you the best Black Friday deals on this dedicated Black Friday page. So, keep checking back for unbeatable early bird flight specials.

Domestic Specials
Domestic Specials

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Regional Specials

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International Specials

The Best Black Friday Cheap Flights | Domestic Specials

Let’s face it, we could all do with a little break right now and what better way to do it than catching a flight to a new destination? From Black Friday FlySafair deals to Cyber Monday discount codes during Black Friday week, these are some things you can look forward to:

  • FlySafair Black Friday Deals
  • Safair Black Friday Specials
  • Flymango Black Friday Best Buys
  • Kulula Black Friday Bargains

These are just a hint of the major airlines that you can expect flight deals from on the big day. The real thing is even better, so bookmark this page and be first in line when we update the links to our unbelievable airline deals, including Black Friday flight specials for FlySafair.

On the day, there will be a host of great deals and discounts. Including flight specials to some of the world’s best international destinations up for grabs too, so make sure you check in early to save money on the best Black Friday deals on offer!

Now, you don’t have to shop around to book your well-deserved day in the sun (or snow). Whether you are flying economy class or business class you’ll be able to book flights at the best fare. We’ll be ready to whisk you away to unbelievable adventures at midnight on Black Friday.

You also won’t have to stand in long queues from midnight; you can make your bookings from the comfort of your home without risking life and limb as you battle your way through the crowds.

Don’t Miss the Best Black Friday Discounts

Forget about the gadgets and groceries and get yourself and your family something you really need – a well-deserved break! With these cheap Black Friday flights, it’ll be easy to make that a reality.

When you spend time exploring new horizons with your family, you build lasting memories and strengthen your familial bonds. If you’re trying to reach out to those difficult teens in your life, more tech is not the way to go. You’ve got more chances with a novel travel experience in a wi-fi free zone.

Nowadays, our daily existence is so fraught with activity that we’re living past each other. Conversations are snatched during the ad breaks between our favourite shows or restricted to travel time on the way to and from school, sports, and hobbies.

When you’re stuck with each other in a tranquil destination or experiencing activities together, you’re forced to communicate. Travel gives you common ground that opens the door to conversations long after you’ve returned home.

You owe it to your family and yourself to find the best deals on airline tickets so that you can get out together more often. The best thing about travel is that the more you go, the more you want to go.

Here’s how to make sure you get the best deals on travel this Black Friday.

Domestic Flights

Plan Your Escape Around the Black Friday Sale

Any sale of epic proportions is going to come with limitations due to high demand, so plan ahead to avoid disappointment.

Research desirable destinations and make a list of your preferred choices before you log on to check out Black Friday specials. To save you the trouble of extensive research, our blog is filled with tips and tricks to help you decide. You should also think about car rental and whether you’ll need to hire a ride for your trip.

If you need help deciding on where to go with your Black Friday flights, a wildlife safari in South Africa is always a good idea. All of the main provinces, including Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg have their own attractions worth checking out before hitting the road to the nearest Big 5 game reserve.

If you are after a seaside trip, Durban and Cape Town are both excellent destinations for a coastal break. Filled with wonderful activities for all ages, great food and beautiful beaches, you can’t go wrong with either choice.

Domestic Flights

If you’re not a fan of the big city beat, the KZN South Coast, KZN North Coast, West Coast, and Garden Route are great options for a laid-back break. Meander along the coastlines and enjoy friendly and relaxed service from beachfront bars and restaurants.

While you may not think of Johannesburg as a top spot for a family holiday, this city abounds with fun and affordable activities for the young and old to enjoy. Green spaces abound both in the city and nearby, cultural attractions, great museums and fabulous entertainment are everywhere you look in Gauteng.

If you’re into water sports, you’ll find no shortage of dams and lakes to tackle in South Africa’s interior reaches. Like hiking? Head for the hills in the Drakensberg.

Making the Most of Black Friday Flight Deals

Many of South Africa’s domestic airlines are branching out with flights to the smaller centres, so there’s no need to stick to mainline tourist destinations when planning your trip.

If you’re after an international jaunt, avoid trending destinations. While you are saving money on the best Black Friday deal, don’t lose sight of the fact that you will have to pay for your accommodation, meals and entertainment when you reach your destination.

Rather do a little research about affordable destinations for South African citizens. The exchange rate is never in your favour when travelling abroad, so you want to make sure you get the most bang for your buck during your stay.

Snapping up one of our awesome Black Friday flight specials may be first prize, but it’s not the end of the world if you miss out. If you’re a little slow off the mark or you can’t make your bookings on Black Friday, don’t let that put a damper on your travel goals. You can bet that you’ll find the cheapest flights around on our website every day of the year.