7 Of The Most Common Items Left Behind In Hotel Rooms

We all know the drill. Months before you leave on your holiday you’ve done your flysafair bookings, reserved your hotel and activities and planned your car hire. Your bag is packed a day or two before you leave, and all your travel documents are good to go and stored neatly in one place.

If only the same could be said for our return journey. Let’s face it, packing to go home is nowhere near the top of your priority list as your holiday clock winds down. Margaritas, polishing up your tan, last minute shopping, or one last shot at finding that elusive leopard are right up there, but packing – pfft!

Unfortunately, this means you might have some questions when you do arrive back home, such as “where’s my phone charger?’.

It’s no surprise that phone chargers are the number one item left behind in hotel rooms. They’re hard enough to keep track of during everyday life.

Cell phone chargers are just one of the items on the list of things that hotel staff find when guests are long gone.

The Most Common Things Left Behind in Hotel Rooms

A survey of hotels around the world revealed some surprising items when it comes to stray goods left in rooms.

  • Cell phone chargers
  • Clothes, especially shirts, underwear and hats
  • Toiletries
  • Books and magazines
  • Shoes, usually just the one (of course)
  • Pillows
  • Spectacles and sunglasses
  • Membership cards or other items usually kept in a wallet
  • Food, wine and beer

Believe it or not, sex toys also made the list. Guess not many guests phoned to ask for those back.

Other unusual finds include a bong and a stash of ecstasy!

What to do About Items Left Behind

The first thing to do when you realise something is missing is to call the hotel. If you leave it too long, they have the right to dispose of your possessions however they please.

Most reputable hotels will call you to let you know when they find stray items and arrange to return them to you.

For local travellers this is easily achieved by courier or post. If the hotel is close to where you live, you could pick up your stuff yourself. In the case of foreign destinations, you could be looking at an insurance claim – you did take out travel insurance, right?

It’s never a good idea to travel with priceless and irreplaceable things like jewellery or anything with sentimental value. No amount of insurance can reimburse you for things like that.Other things, like toiletries are easily replaced, so you can say goodbye to those. Unless of course it’s a signature bottle of designer perfume that took you hours to find while trawling the streets of Paris.

The best course of action for forgotten items is to not leave them behind in the first place.

Tips to Beat Forgetfulness

It’s hard to let go of your wonderful vacation and by all means you should enjoy it to the very last minute. However, leaving things until the last minute is a recipe for disaster.From beginning to end, the secret to successful travels is getting and staying organised and it starts long before you leave.

While planning your trip, make a checklist of everything you’re taking with you. Keep the list in your suitcase or save it on your phone. Check off each item as you pack, every time you pack. Don’t forget to add any of your holiday purchases to the list. In fact, pack items like gifts and curios the minute you return from your shopping spree.

Shoving everything into your bag and hoping for the best is the easiest way to leave things behind in your hotel room. Packing early gives you time to look for any wayward items before you get home.

Check your hotel room thoroughly before you leave. That includes the power points, inside drawers and cupboards, the bathroom and under the bed.

Be a Master Traveller

It all comes down to planning in the end. Start organised and you’ll finish strong during your travels. You’ll be jetting off on the right foot when you compare airline prices in advance for the most affordable flights and read more of our blog for helpful tips on where to go and how to make the most of your stay.