Here’s How to Stay Connected During Your Holiday

Are you off on a well-deserved holiday? Chances are you researched and booked the best Mango flight prices online on one or other of your devices, right?

Mobiles, laptops and tablets have become our right hands in daily life. We need them for banking, urgent communications and social media. After all, there’s no point to all those fantastic holiday snaps unless you can share them will all your friends and followers.

Unfortunately, these devices don’t last forever. They always seem to go dead on us at the most inconvenient moments. Here’s how to save battery life and stay connected wherever you go in the world.


Maximizing Battery Life

Lithium-ion batteries hold an ever-decreasing charge throughout their lifetimes. They never last as long as the device they’re attached to. Yet, there are ways to prolong their efficiency from day 1.


Here’s the deal:

Avoid running your battery completely down before you charge it. A portable battery pack can help you to avoid this scenario. Make sure it’s fully charged before you head off on your adventures and you can fill up your battery before the charge indicator hits zero.

Ideally, you should charge your battery when it reaches 50% and disconnect the charger as soon as it hits full capacity. Overcharging your phone is as harmful as letting it run flat.

Lithium-ion batteries degenerate under the stress of high voltages. For the same reason, you shouldn’t leave your devices on charge all night.

Only use the quick charge option in a dire emergency. Charging your phone for a few minutes when you’re in a hurry is a quick fix that causes a long-term problem. Fast charging produces excess heat, which will harm your battery.

Play it cool with your devices. You may love basking in the tropical island sunshine, but your mobile phone won’t. Electronic goods don’t do well in extreme temperatures, keep your devices out of the sun and cool them down gradually if they become too hot. Rapid temperature changes are harmful to Lithium-ion batteries.


Ways to Prolong the Charge on Your Battery

Stay offline when you can. Staying connected 24/7 uses up your device’s battery life quicker.

To preserve the charge on your phone, you should:

  • Disconnect mobile apps and games when you’re not using them
  • Avoid watching videos online
  • Use Wi-Fi instead of mobile data, it’s 25% more economical battery-wise

You can always go back online when you have a way to charge your phone before it runs flat.

It’s easy to forget that you have mobile apps running in the background. Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp are the main culprits here. You don’t need to know about every notification as it happens. Check back regularly but remember to turn these apps off afterwards. Say goodbye to apps you never use, they could be using up your battery (and your data) in the background.

Tone it down – dim the lights on your device’s screen to save battery power. Change your settings so that your device can power down when not in use for a few minutes. Brightly coloured screen savers can also eat into your battery power, keep it conservative with screensavers – black is best.


Staying Connected

Most hotels and lodges provide charging facilities for electronic device these days, but what if you’re heading off the beaten track?

Solar power is the way to go. There are a wide range of portable chargers on the market that can slip easily into your travel bags. These can be used to charge portable wi-fi modems as well as phones, laptops and cameras.

No matter where you are staying, these are perfect if you want to spend time on day trips away from your accommodation or if you plan to travel long distances during your trip.

Although mobile phones can come in handy during emergencies, sometimes it’s better to really get away from it all during your holiday. Why not totally disconnect from the net and reconnect with your family instead? You’ll have plenty of time to catch up when you return to reality.

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