This November, Don’t Miss Out on Black Friday 2018 Flight Specials with SA Airlines!

Thanks to Black Friday South Africa 2018 you can take the holiday of a lifetime! We’ve got your attention now, haven’t we? Black Friday, on 23 November 2018, will put some of the most exceptional flight specials known to the South African travel market right at your fingertips.

At SA Airlines we expect this Black Friday to be better than any other Black Friday, ever before! And we would hate for you to miss out on the sale of the year with SA Airlines. So, don’t! Set your reminders today. When Black Friday strikes in the last week of November, SA Airlines will flood its online booking system with fantastic flight specials.

It’s up to you how you take advantage of this momentous occasion! If you haven’t yet set a reminder on your phone or calendar, do it right now!

If you have used our service before, you will know that South Africa’s preferred low-cost carriers, FlySafair, Kulula and Mango, already offer cheap flights to many domestic destinations including Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town, East London, Port Elizabeth, and George. Now with the 2018 Black Friday specials, cheap flights will be even cheaper.


Get the Downlow on Black Friday

What is Black Friday and what is it in South Africa? Unfortunately, South Africa has no real claim to Black Friday, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t enjoy it.

Black Friday is an American tradition. It marks the beginning of the Christmas shopping season where US stores make a multitude of special offers. Held on the day following Thanksgiving, Black Friday is always the fourth Thursday of November.


And…Black Friday in South Africa

In South Africa, the tradition of Black Friday was welcomed by retailers who leap into action each year offering specials and discounts on par with those in the US.

The South African publicembraces the tradition with open wallets, eagerly awaiting Black Friday specials giving them access to top brands at ridiculously low prices.

It took some time for the travel industry to spread their wings to the tradition of Black Friday, butmore and more travel companies (and your favourite domestic airlines) are now offering great flight specials. Incomparable deals that will get you to where you need or want to be, at crazy low prices.


Why Drive When You Can Fly? | Cheap Black Friday Flight Specials

SA Airlines is gearing up to bring you FlySafair Black Friday specials, Kulula Black Friday specials and Mango Black Friday specials. Simply wait for the sale to begin on 23 November, then use our flight search feature to compare flights to any domestic destination of your choice.

Low-cost domestic carriers are already offering cheap flights to the likes of Durban, Cape Town and Johannesburg. With Black Friday 2018 deals, a domestic flight to the city of your choice will likely cost you less than a tank of petrol or diesel for your car!


Black Friday for the International Traveller

Globetrotters and jet-setters, won’t be missing out! The international traveller won’t go away empty-handed or disappointed when searching for Black Friday specials on SA Airlines.

Has London been on your mind recently? Ireland, Italy, France or anywhere else in the world? Now with Black Friday specials on their way, your musings can become a reality. Who knows, you might even be able to use the saving on your return flight ticket to buy an extra seat so that you can share the trip with someone special (even the family)! All you have to do is search for your flights using our flight search feature. Compare the Black Friday specials, book and pay securely and you’ll be on your way.


Airlines Offering 2018 Black Friday Specials

SA Airlines Black Friday 2018 sale will go live on 23 November 2018when some of SA’s favourite airlines will be offering great specials that are expected to sell out very quickly. These include significantly discounted flights withthe likes of local airlines FlySafair, Kulula and Mango as well as British Airways, SAA, Qatar and many more.


On Your Mark, Get Set, Go!

Be ready for Black Friday South Africa 2018. We all know how it feels to miss out on something good. Don’t be the disappointed non-starterthis year!

With Black Friday flight specials there are no long queues to stand in. Simply log onto our website, search for the flights you want and book as quickly as possible. Set yourself a reminder for 23 November and make sure that you are ready and waiting at the crack of dawn to search, book and pay as soon as Black Friday travel specials take to the Airlines.


Book Great Flight Specials with SA Airlines this Black Friday 2018

Use our flight search feature above to search and compare flights to your favourite destinations. For extra special discounts and deals, Black Friday 2018 is just around the corner. Plan your upcoming trip with SA Airlines! Until then, you can still find some of the cheapest flight tickets available on our browser.

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