5 Cookery Tours You Have to Try in Cape Town

There are any number of SA airlinesthat can whisk you off on a culinary adventure across the Rainbow Nation where you will experience a range of dishes as diverse as the cultures who created them.

If you like a more hands on approach to food than just eating it, there is no shortage of venues where you can learn the art of preparing these local delicacies yourself.

Cape Town is South Africa’s capital of all things culinary, making it a great place to put on an apron and get involved in learning some new kitchen skills. If you love to cook, add these top tours to your bucket list once you have made some great savings by checking our price comparisons on cheap flights to the Mother City.

The Bo-Kaap Cooking Tour

The colourful cobble-stoned streets of the Bo-Kaap give a hint of the complexities and richness of the food which hails from here. The Bo-Kaap is still heavily influenced by the colourful culture, traditions (and language) of the Cape Malay people who were once confined to this area.

The food is as rich and spicy as the characters who still live here and you will be as fascinated by the ‘aunties’ who teach you the recipes as you are by the fragrant dishes. You will shop for your own ingredients in a warehouse piled high with rice, herbs and every colourful spice imaginable.

Learn to wrap and fry golden samosa parcels packed with tender lamb, coriander, garlic and ginger – or blend spices into a magical masala that infuses everything it touches with a mild, aromatic zing. Learn the gentle art of folding and frying soft, flat rotis used for scooping up bites and mopping up the juices of fragrant curries and boboties. Dishes which you will learn to craft from scratch with the necessary care and attention.

After your steamy kitchen adventures, relax and listen to the inspired tales of your host while sipping on a cup of pungent, relaxing cardamom tea.

Indian Cooking Courses

If you enjoy your curry with a little more punch, get in touch with Masala Dosa who will educate you in the ways of authentic spicy Indian curries as well as Paneer and Puri Bread. The lesson includes basic techniques and education on the correct use of spices

The classes are offered by Riyaz Mir, the enthusiastic chef who owns and cooks for this popular Long Street eatery. Riyaz even does house calls for couples, singles or groups of friends wanting to unravel the mysteries of Eastern cuisine.

The African Way

A trip to Langa township is a real eye-opener compared to the luxury tourism areas of Cape Town. Here you can visit the Cooking School where you will learn all about African cooking and traditional Xhosa cuisine.

Learn how to prepare pap (maize meal), chakalaka, samp and meat stew. Share a traditional home-brewed beer and if you can stomach it, watch how a ‘smiley’ (whole sheep’s head) is prepared.

Afterwards you get to sit at the table along with the hosts and the rest of the cooks, and enjoy the fruits of your labours. It’s a day out to remember.

For Everything Else There’s Ginger and Lime Food Studio

If you want to learn the art of the South African braai, the intricacies of a tomato bredie, how to make a melktert or twist a koeksuster, head to this Sea Point studio for an enjoyable morning trying your hand at Afrikaner cuisine.

Most of these dishes are of Dutch origin which have evolved with a local twist over the years.
Here you can also branch out to cooking international foods such as Argentinian, Asian and French styles. You’ll leave with a full belly and great memories. You’ll also get a recipe book so that you can show off your new-found skills the next time you have dinner guests.

And Then There’s Dessert

The Lindt Chocolate Studio may have its roots firmly on Swiss soil, but who can pass up the chance to master crafting their own chocolatey creations while in Cape Town? At these classes, you can learn how to create Lindt macarons, cupcakes, chocolate cakes, bears and bunnies.

You’ll find the Lindt Chocolate Studio at the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront.

A World of Culture and Heritage

During your time in Cape Town, you can sample just about any type of cuisine that you fancy at award-winning restaurants, at food fairs and street markets all over the city.

After all, South Africa owes its heritage to a large variety of cultures and nationalities and Cape Town is one of the best places to celebrate them.

Getting to Cape Town on SA Airlines

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