6 Dining Establishments you should try in Pretoria

Salt Eatery

11 Hazelwood Rd., Hazelwood

Extremely refreshing place, Salt Eatery’s owner/ chef, Wessel van Jaarsveld, arrive in Pretoria with many years of experience in Europe under his sumptuous belt, and is thus more than capable of serving up modern, inspired, and thoroughly innovative food choices.

Among the excellent cuisines you’ll find asiago and calabrese cheese, pear and saffron chutney, fugasse and pain de paysan breads, home cured salmon, oxtail-stuffed squid, steamed pork bun with Asian slaw, horseradish and soy mousse, grilled beef with bacon and gruyere. It’s truly wonderfully invigorating stuff indeed! So much so that you could easily find yourself eating here every single evening that you spend in Pretoria.

Thirst @28 Degrees East

Graaff Reinet St., Faerie Glen

Not so much of an eatery as a ‘drinkery’, Thirst@ 28 Degrees East has been a firm favourite with the local clientele for the past five years, with its large selection of ales and reasonable collection of wines.

The food though, is hearty, typical pub-like, if you think in terms of British, so you can’t go wrong here. Salads, burgers, French fries, prawn cocktails; suddenly I’m in Weatherspoons. And there’s further good reason for that – the prices are extremely attractive, the atmosphere somewhat similar. But there’s no barroom brawls at Thirst @28 Degrees East, so it’s suited to the family, too.

Sir Herbert Restaurant

850 Justice Mahomed St., Brooklyn

You may have expected it, and you’re quite right to have done so – Sir Herbert Restaurant is the quintessential fine dining establishment. The atmosphere is quiet, almost subdued – again, to be expected.

Wine list is excellent, and on the menu we have a wide international selection that comes with a South African flair.


Sevens Décor Centre, Silverlake Rd., Silverlake

Papachino’s provides a world-wide selection of cuisines in a family-friendly atmosphere. On the menu you’ll find anything and everything from hearty steaks to seafood platters, from nachos to burgers, enchiladas to tacos.

Try the grilled fish tacos with its sumptuous chipotle-lime dressing. Or there again, you may prefer the salsa chicken rice casserole. Or, what about the carne asada, which to you and I means Taqueria-style tacos. Really, whatever you select from this delectable menu, you can’t go wrong with it.

Heat Grill Room

Garsfontein Rd., Pretoria Park

Certainly stands out – the steaks are succulent and wonderfully tasty. But that comes as no real surprise since the restaurant specialises in the grills selection. The menus in general are extensive and the standard and quality is high. There’s also an extensive wine list which caters to pretty much everyone’s requisites.

Waiting service is fast, efficient, and friendly. The ambience is nicely relaxed.

Signature Restaurant

Shop 2, Brooklyn Bridge, 570 Fehrsen St., Brooklyn

Like its sister restaurant in Sandton, the Signature Restaurant in Brooklyn affords the same exquisite fine dining experience, in a particularly refined and somewhat restrained atmosphere. Signature promise its patrons culinary excellence together with flawless service. The wine list is well-appointed.

All this is to be accompanied by live music with a bluesy/ jazzy overtone. Ideal for a night out with relatively sophisticated friends or family.

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