Book your FlySafair Flights to The 7th Investec Cape Town Art Fair | 15 – 17 February 2019

A highlight of the Cape Art scene in 2019, the 7th annual Investec Cape Town Art Fair is set to take place from 15 – 17 February 2019. The fair is awaited with much anticipation by both local and international artists. The catch phrase of the fair, “Contemplating Contemporary Art from Africa and the World” says it all.

If you’re hoping to attend, you can expect to be spoiled with a showcase of work that represents the forefront of contemporary art on a global basis, with a noticeable focus on Africa. If you haven’t booked your flights to Cape Town yet, FlySafair has some great offerings over the dates of the fair.

Investec Cape Town Art Fair Line-Up

If you’ve booked your flights to Cape Town with FlySafair already and are eagerly awaiting what’s touted to be the art fair of the year, here’s what you can expect from the line-up.

  • Hours of the fair

Friday, 15 February 2018: 11am – 7pm
Saturday, 16 February 2018: 11am – 7pm
Sunday, 17 February 2018: 11am – 7pm

  • Exhibitors

The list of exhibitors is quite extensive and can be easily obtained on the Investec website here. The list is made up of the following categories, each of which will have their own exhibit sections.

  • Main Section – this is the heart of the fair and will showcase contemporary art galleries from around the world.
  • Tomorrow’s/Today – this section will be curated by TumeloMosaka and feature solo displays created by emerging artists who are sure to be tomorrow’s leading names in the industry.
  • SOLO Section – this area will allow artists and collectors to explore the works of emerging and mid-career local and international artists and their techniques and practices.
  • Past/Modern Section – here you will find the works of Modern art masters depicting historical context. 
  • Editions Section – this area will showcase leading print galleries and workshops. It will have special focus on pints, multiples, editions, and collections.
  • Cultural Platforms Section – this is an area set up for cultural institutions and non-profit organisations to showcase and exhibit works of artistic production in the region.
  • Magazines & Publications – this area will showcase a vast collection of leading publications, magazines, books, journals and catalogues from artists and professionals across the world.

There’s more than just the Investec Art Fair in Cape Town!

While your main reason to book flights to Cape Town might be the Investec Cape Town Art Fair, it’s good to know that the city has so much to offer the aspiring artist or art-lover. The city itself is akin to vibrant art scenes, world-class galleries, and boasts somewhat of an art-infused lifestyle. You can go just about anywhere in Cape Town and see an abundance of diverse art forms.

What makes Cape Town such a sought-after destination for art professionals and collectors is undoubtedly its diverse cultural heritage, geographic beauty and the laid back yet sophisticated lifestyle that only this particular city can offer.

While you are in the area for the art fair, you might want to check out the following top attractions in Cape Town for art-lovers:

  • Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa at the V & A Waterfront – 20% discount to Cape Town Art Fair ticket holders.
  • The Norval Foundation in Tokai is a relative newcomer (April 2018) to the Cape Town art scene and boasts one of South Africa’s largest private collections. With magnificent views of Cape Vineyards and Table Mountain National park this visual splendour is home to a world-class art collection, sculpture garden, library, restaurant and bar and offers a great playground for the kids. A 20% day ticket discount offered to holders of Cape Town Art Fair tickets.
  • The Woodstock Scene – this is a vibrant area offering a collaboration of venues and things to do, for art lovers. Check out the Old Biscuit Mill (several art and craft stores operate from this former cookie factory), Bead & Glass Cabin, Hayden Craft, Karoo Moon Country Store, Goodman Gallery, and Michael Stevenson Gallery.
  • Maboneng Township Art Experience – started up by a local township artist, SiphiweNgwenya as a way to showcase local art cost-effectively, this is now an experience that visitors to Cape Town can sign up for. The experience offers visitors the opportunity to stroll through a township (for an authentic township experience) and visit various home galleries and local heritage sites. Catch a glimpse of local talent that would otherwise go completely unnoticed and unappreciated.
  • Cape Town’s favourite local galleries – these include, but are not limited to the following: David Krut’s Project Spaces, Cape Town Gallery, João Ferreira Gallery, and World Art Gallery.
  • First-Thursdaysalso offer walking tours around the city, stopping at the best galleries, shops, and restaurants along the way, so plan well!

Heard Enough? Book Your Art-Lovers Escape to Cape Town Today!

If you’re a lover of art and want to get to the Investec Art Fair, there’s only one thing left to do: book cheap flights to Cape Town with FlySafair. Make the most of your stay by visiting some of the top art-lover’s attractions. Use our flight search feature to find affordable flights to Cape Town now.

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