Going Local with Cheap Flights to Cape Town

An abundance of budget accommodation and cheap flights such as the great Mango flight prices that you can get to Cape Town and other big cities, puts it all within reach. Here’s what you’re missing out on if you don’t book now.


Start Slow

If there’s one thing that Cape Town has in abundance, it’s amazing food. Step away from the gourmet norm at the Slow Market. There’s one in Willowbridge and in Stellenbosch.

Here you’ll find a range of tasty fare made with time, love and the locally-sourced ingredients – just the way Capetonians locals like it. There are over 100 stalls at both slow markets, featuring the work of local grocers, farmers, artisan beakers, craftsmen, brewers and fine0-dining aficionados. Of course, the neighbourhood wine estates are on board too and you’ll find plenty to smile about when it comes to prices.

The Slow Markets are on the go from 9am to 2pm every Saturday, regardless of the weather.


Spice Things Up

If you hanker for a little spice during your Cape Town stay, take a walk along Longmarket Street to the corner of Darling Street and you’ll meet your match at the Eastern Food Bazaar.
Open for lunch or dinner, you can embark on an Oriental journey from India, to Turkey and Chinatown. It’s a multinational feast of flavours that shouldn’t be missed, and the prices are great too.


Keeping it Simple

Not one for exotic tastes? Head for Hudson in Greenpoint, Kloof Street or Claremont. A favourite Friday night hangout of locals, this American style diner knows their stuff when it comes to burgers. Lauded as the home of Cape Town’s best burger, Hudson’s showcases this simple food at its beefiest best with a range of gourmet toppings to suit the most discerning meat lover.

Vegetarians are catered for with meat-free delicacies and wholesome salads and there are various grills to choose from. In true Cape Town style, the place is awash with cocktails and fine ales and it’s happy 2-hours every day from 4h30pm to 6h30 pm with 50% off selected menu items and drinks.

Enough food already, here are some other don’t miss spots to include in your plans to visit Cape Town.


Take the Bus

The MyCiTi bus is a handy way to travel along the city streets from landmark to landmark looking for anything that catches your eye. It’s easy to jump off at the nearest stop, spend some time trawling the streets for fascinating diversions and then re-alight for further travels.

You can purchase daily, weekly and monthly passes and you never have to look for parking again.


Sea for Yourself

Cape Town’s beaches attract the crowds in droves, so if you want your own space on the sand, head for one of these out of the way spots.

Muizenberg beach is a treat for surfers who like a little alone-time on the waves. In the last 50 years, not much has changed at this classic surf-spot which adds to the charm, and you can learn the ropes yourself thanks to an onsite surf school.

Shark spotters are active in the area, so there’s no danger of near scrapes with the local sea-life either.

If you like to sunbathe and paddle in peace, you can’t beat Beta Beach. It’s a small and unspoiled place which is beloved by locals and relatively unknown to tourists (so don’t tell a soul!). You can hang out on the rocks or find a secluded bit of white sand to spread your towel out and relax.


Take a Hike

You don’t need to fight for space with the hundreds of tourists who flock up Table Mountain’s slopes to get a piece of the outdoor action in Cape Town. Tokai Forest in the southern suburbs is a peaceful green haven where you can take a walk, pedal a bike, ride a horse, or go for a run in peace.The views are fabulous, the paths are immaculate, and the surroundings are serene. A trip to Elephant’s Eye Cave adds fascination and photo-opps to your outing.

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Keep Exploring

You’ve never completely “been there, done that” when it comes to Cape Town but if you’re looking for something else this time, search and book your cheap tickets on leading SA Airlines that will take you all over SA. It’s a convenient and cost-effective way to discover the country’s best hidden gems.

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