15 Reasons Why You Should Travel South Africa

Just because you live in South Africa, it doesn’t mean that you know it all. There are secret spots, sunny outlooks, awe-inspiring views, and exciting attractions that you are yet to see. Even if you have lived in SA all of your life, there’s so much to learn, see and do still. Now is the time to grab your backpack (okay, you can take a bigger luggage bag if you want), book your FlySafair, or any other SA Airlines ticket, and get traveling across your very own beautiful country.

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Why we Love South Africa so Much!

South Africa, the rainbow nation, should be on the very top of your travel bucket list. Why? Well, there’s too many reasons to briefly list, but we will try our best. Here’s a list of just 15 (out of a plethora) reasons why you should travel South Africa.


1. Table Mountain
While we feel this needs no further explanation, we can tell you that Table Mountain is a major draw-card for SA. If you are one for physical fitness and adventure you can grab your backpack as early as 5am and hike the mountain. If you are more the “see and enjoy” type of traveler, the cable car can take you to the top where you can gaze out on the amazing view and enjoy a snack in the restaurant.


2.The Music
If you like to sing and dance (who doesn’t!), there are so many music festivals and concerts to attend in South Africa every year. Some favourites that get international attention include Rocking the Daisies, Up the Creek Music Festival, Ultra Music Festival. Festivals and concerts aside, African people love to sing and almost any excuse is an occasion in South Africa.


3.Surfs Up!
South Africa has some of the best surfing beaches in the world! The Eastern Cape and Wild Coast are popular spots for this refreshing sport, and particularly so in South Africa where oceans are – well, refreshing! Some great surfing beach areas include Jeffrey’s Bay, Cape St. Francis, HagaHaga, Mdumbe, and Morgan’s Bay. Ballito in KwaZulu Natal is also popular for surfing and hosts several surfing competitions annually.


4. Cave Dwelling
If you love to hike and suss out caves, South Africa is the place to do it. While there are many caves across the country that you can hike to, the Injisuthi Caves are well worth a mention. The caves are in the Drakensberg area and have a hutted camp nearby. Those who want to rough it can hike to the caves and spend the night in one of the huts before hiking back in the morning. The landscape is pristine and the exceptional serenity of the area is bound to delight.


5. Hatching Turtles
If you haven’t watched a turtle hatch before, why not do it at the iSimangaliso Wetland Park. The eggs start to hatch on the seashore between January and March each year and they are a sight to behold!


6. The Weather
Unless you are an avid snowboarder, you probably don’t want to spend your holiday time freezing cold. Luckily, the country we live in enjoys a mild temperature all year round which means that at any time of the year, you can pick an area to visit that’s warm and sunny.


7. Wine & Dine
Everyone enjoys an evening (or afternoon) of wining and dining. If you’re a foodie and want to enjoy a getaway that’s accented with delicious meals and award winning wines, head to Cape Town. Here you will find expanses of wine farms offering tastings and fine dining restaurants that won’t disappoint. Some favourite wine farms to visit include Diemersfontein, Spier, and De Grendal Wine Estate.


8. The Thrill
Tired of being stuck behind your desk every day of the year? You don’t have to travel to a foreign country to find fun, excitement and thrilling experiences. All across South Africa you can find activities that create an adrenaline rush to last a lifetime. These include shark cage diving, sky diving, bungee jumping, gorge swings, 4×4-ing, epic mountain biking, hot air ballooning and so on. There’s adventure everywhere in SA.


9. Wildlife
Yip, South Africa is popular for its game viewing opportunities. All Across South Africa, there are national parks and reserves where you can book some time away to get back to nature and see the Big Five. Some of SA’s best national parks include Addo Elephant Park, Agulhas Park, Augrabies Falls, Bontebok Park, Golden Gate Park, Karoo National Park, Knysna Lake, Kruger Park, Marakele Park, Namaqua Park, Table Mountain National Park, Tsitsikamma Park, Vaalbos Park, West Coast Park, and Wilderness National Park.


10. Luxury Train Trips
‘Going on a luxury train ride right up your alley? The Blue Train provides a 27-hour luxury train trip between Cape Town and Pretoria. There’s a butler available in each section, a turn down service and even a gift shop that sells diamonds and cigars. Who would have thought that we have opulent luxury train services right here, in SA!


11. Diversity
Most people visit new places to learn something new. It could be a new culture, new traditions, more insight into religion…whatever the case may be, no country has more diversity than South Africa. You can travel to any part of South Africa and see just how many different cultures and people there are. You can learn something new in just about every province, thanks to diversity.


12. The History
Did you know that you could plan an entire holiday in SA dedicated to visiting historic landmarks and sights? South Africa has a rich history and if you are a local, you should take the time to learn more about it. When you book your FlySafair flight, make sure that you dedicate some holiday time to sussing out SA’s historical points. Some favourites include Castle of Good Hope, District Six Museum (Cape Town), The Dinosaur Fossils in Nieu Bethesda, Tuang Heritage Site (Cradle of Humankind), Groenkloof Historical Sculptures (Pretoria), and Isandlwana (Battlefields Route) to name a few.


13. Affordability
Let’s face it, a holiday outside of the country is going to cost you a fortune. And that’s why this one features as one of our reasons to travel across South Africa. Why flatten your budget on overseas travel, only to spend the holiday bemoaning the cost of everything compared to its equivalent back home in SA Rands. South Africa is an affordable travel destination for South Africans. Local beers and wines are affordable and many of the tourist attractions and landmarks are free to visit.


14. Bright Lights of the City or Serenity of the Bush
One of the best reasons to book your cheap SA Airlines flights and get traveling around South Africa is that you can have a holiday that really offers the best of both. The bright lights of the city as well as peace and quiet of the bush. Book a city break or a bush break or combine the two! This alone makes South Africa great as a holiday destination, then throw in a beach or two, and Africa’s your oyster…


15. Cheap Flights
You probably already guessed this one, but cheap flights with our leading low cost airlines such as FlySafair, Kulula, SAA and Mango you can get to most destinations across the country within budget. Not many countries in the world can offer similar low-cost prices for cross country travel.


Book Your Flights Today and Explore Your Beautiful Country

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