TripAdvisor launches mobile app in travel booking feature

Global travel resource site TripAdvisor recently announced the launch of their in-app booking capability for mobile devices. The development of this feature on their suite of native mobile apps was prompted by the massive growth in TripAdvisor’s mobile adoption; a growth spike of 90% in the past year alone. The company recorded a massive 108 unique visitors per month on their mobile apps during the first quarter of 2014.

Their usage research found that while travellers use TripAdvisor for pre-trip planning, they were also increasingly using their mobile phones to research sights, activities and restaurants while on the road.

Making booking transactions more seamless was the next logical step. The beta version of the in-app booking feature is currently being rolled out to 10% of TripAdvisor’s US audience.

Download the TripAdvisor App

To download Tripadvisor Mobile App click here, or visit for more information.

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