Cheap flights and a budget apartment make for a great Cape Town holiday!

When you think about planning a getaway to Cape Town, you probably find your internet searches bombarded with listings and adverts of fancy 5-star hotels that are just way out of your price range. This doesn’t mean that you should put your plans of a Cape Town holiday on hold, it just means you don’t know where to look. Or at least you didn’t know, until now.

With cheap flights available on many leading local SA Airlines to most of the major cities in South Africa, you will find that you have a little more disposable cash to spend on your accommodation.That being said, you still don’t need to splash out on a fancy hotel or a B&B that comes with a hefty price tag attached. There are many alternative accommodation options to consider and here are some of our favourites.


The Alternative to the Fancy Shmancy Accommodation Options

Once you’ve booked your cheap flights to Cape, don’t leave your accommodation to chance. Cape Town is a bustling city with thousands of tourists, and it’s best to book somewhere to rest your weary body at night after a day of exploring this diverse city.

Hotels and B&Bs are the most common options, but there’s a new trend in the travel industry, and it’s one that can benefit you greatly. These days, travellers are choosing to rent self-catering apartments, which offer more benefits than you might initially think.


Cheap Flights& Cheap Accommodation? Must be Your Lucky Day!

Cheap flights and cheap holiday apartments for your Cape Town escape will certainly help you to save on costs, but it’s not all about cost savings. There are other ways in which you can benefit from renting a self-catering apartment for your holiday:

  • Affordability. Okay, we already said it’s not all about cost-savings, but we would like to touch on this point briefly. A rented apartment won’t be as opulent as a hotel or even a luxury guest house, but you will find it to be the most affordable way to stay in the city. Self-catering is a particularly good optionif you are planning a long holiday or want to be located in the hub of it all.
  • Enjoy the best views, without the associated cost. Many hotels charge the high prices that they do because of their location and the views that they offer. There are many self-catering apartments for rent in Cape Town that enjoy the same magnificent views, some of which are even better than those in the fanciest hotels. You will find self-catering holiday apartments in Cape Town with stunning views of the harbour, Table Mountain, sandy beaches, and even the busy nightlife. You can enjoy these views without paying 5-star hotel prices.
  • Be assured of absolute privacy. When you stay in a self-catering apartment in Cape Town, you will experience more privacy than in a hotel, resort, or B&B. Once you arrive, you can do what you like…relax as you please. A private space is often preferred for a romantic trip, family holiday or even a business trip.
  • Get all the space you need. Hotel rooms can seem cramped if you decide tospend a day indoors relaxing. Most self-catering apartments in Cape Town will offer one, two or threebedrooms with a separate lounge and kitchen. Some may even have a balcony and an entertainment area. A home from home. Don’t feel like venturing out to a restaurant? Stay “home”, start a braai and spend the afternoon/evening enjoying your view and simply relaxing. You can’t really do that a fancy hotel.
  • Self-cater. One of the biggest perks to renting a budget self-catering apartment in Cape Town is that you can choose to cater for yourself or simply eat out. Learn the art of local cooking on one of the many cultural cookery tours you will find on offer in the Cape. Then, having the luxury of self-catering shop up a storm at any one of the many local markets, delicatessens and food stores and enjoy local is lekker at your own hands – without the high prices associated with going local. Want to party till dawn and start your days later with a slap-up breakfast before you head out? Now you can, as a self-catering apartment allows you to do things on your own time, while saving money too.


Save on Accommodation Costs & Flights!

At SA Airlines, we feature cheap flights to Cape Town and other domestic destinations in South Africa. When you book cheap flights to Cape Town, we recommend that you spend some time looking for self-catering apartments to rent.

You will find that there are many apartments to rent in Cape Town, some of which are in the most sought-after locations. Self-catering apartments can also be found off the beaten track, which offers a whole different kind of holiday altogether! Start planning that budget escape to Cape Town now! Don’t let the high prices of fancy hotels and B&Bs put you off!

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