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Fly Namibia

Fly Namibia, rebranded from Fly WestAir, is a carrier with a massive focus on showcasing the beauty of their country to anyone who would love to visit. Fly Namibia is a relatively new airline and officially had its first scheduled passenger flight on the 24th of June 2019.

Its main goal as an independent airline in Namibia, is to connect people, primarily on domestic flights. They have been making international strides, offering fantastic flights to Cape Town and back, the first of many more international flights coming soon.

And with there being no more Air Namibia flights, Fly Namibia is slowly becoming the country's primary mode of aerial travel.

Why Choose Fly Namibia?

Safety and Security
Safety and Security

FlyNamibia has experienced staff dedicated to providing quality services in the air and on the ground. They prioritise the safety of all their passengers and prioritise security.

Safari Flights
Safari Flights

Located in a country rich in natural beauty, Fly Namibia’s safari project offers passengers the opportunity to view some of the country's greatest attractions with the airline. Creating a more convenient way to book your holiday in Namibia.

International Growth
International Growth

Since it came into existence, Fly Namibia has been focusing on growth and are planning to offer their services to more major cities in other countries soon.

FlyWestair to Fly Namibia

Fly Namibia has changed ever since it came into existence. When the Namibian Transport Commission awarded them their carrier status, they were known as Fly Westair. Their mother company, Westair Aviation, started as an aircraft maintenance facility before becoming a fully-fledged carrier.

Westair is also the number one aircraft aviation company in Namibia, and the company inspired their name. However, in November 2021, they made a bold decision to rebrand and has been named FlyNamibia ever since.

The inspiration behind the rebrandings was to change its values and its mission. Now they strive to create an airline that represents Namibia, an airline that they can champion and be proud of.

Fly Namibia Flight Routes

Since their first flight was in 2019, they don't offer a lot of routes yet but have quite a few domestic flights available.

Internationally, booking flights from and to Cape Town International Airport is the only available route. They are looking at adding more routes to become a bigger international airline.

  • Windhoek to Ondangwa - Toivo Ya Toivo
  • Windhoek to Rundu
  • Windhoek to Katima Mulilo
  • Windhoek to Cape Town

Fly Namibia offers all the above mentioned routes in reserve as well.

Fly Namibia Flight Prices and Times

Times and prices vary depending on the distance and the city you travel to. Regional flight time ranges from 30 minutes to one hour or slightly more. Namibia flights are also cheaper.

International flights are longer, but since they only offer flights to and from Cape Town, the duration is two hours or more. Ticket prices can also vary depending on the date and the time you choose to fly. And all take-off times are similar to Westair Namibia flight schedules.

Fly Namibia Safari

As you all know, Namibia is an excellent safari and tourist destination. The country has a vast array of safari zones that is well worth the visit and famous landmarks.

Fly Namibia is an airline that has taken full advantage of the destination's beauty. They have named their tourist attraction project Fly Namibia Safari, and the aim is to help visitors explore the sights in the country.

Fly Namibia Safari adds convenience if you already plan to use the airline to travel to or around Namibia. The schedule and flight time accommodates every flight, including the flights to Namibia from Cape Town.

The following are the safari and tourist destinations that form part of the Fly Namibia Safari project:


A place well-loved by locals that welcomes tourists with open arms to their charming and relaxed city. Swakopmund has a coast and a desert, which gives you tons of opportunities for adventure.

The city was founded in 1892 and served as the main harbour during those years. There is plenty of natural beauty as well as tons of hotels, restaurants, and quirky coffee shops to explore.


Sossusvlei is one of Namibia's most eye-catching landmarks. It's a salt and clay plain surrounded by red dunes located in the southern parts of the Namib Desert. As the sun sets, the orange backdrop is one of the most beautiful sights that you will be able to see. Sossusvlei is a great place to take some of the best pictures.


One of the most popular tourist hotspots that Namibia has to offer, Etosha National Park, is located in the northern parts of Namibia. Situated in the middle of the national park is a large salt pan that you can see from space. With over 100 mammal species, Etosha is a great safari destination.

Fly Namibia Safari Flight Schedule

Below you’ll find the schedule and times of all the safaris that Fly Namibia offer. All the areas are accessible every day of the week.

Baggage Allowance

As with all other airlines, Fly Namibia has their own baggage allowance that needs to be adhered to. The airline offers three classes, Class Eco D, O, & Y. All these classes have the same baggage allowance, which is 20 kilograms of checked baggage. A maximum of five kilograms for hand baggage is available for free.

If you have infants travelling with you, a maximum of 10 kilograms of checked baggage is allowed. One stroller and car seat will also be accepted on board, free of charge. Excess baggage rates for domestic flights will cost an additional NAD50.00 per kilogram. And for international flights, a fee of NAD60.00 per kilogram.

Other Baggage Details

If you are looking to take a live animal with you on your trip, you are permitted to do so. A fee of NAD900.00 applies for domestic flights and NAD1300.00 for international flights. Pets aren't allowed in the cabin unless they're service dogs. Pets also can't be part of your checked baggage allowance.

Sporting equipment is also an item that you would need to inquire about. Charges for the items for both domestic and regional flights are NAD250.00 per item handled. You can purchase the allowance on their website or at the airport before departure. If you need any other information, you can contact the airline through their website or via telephone.

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